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Damn you Tivo!

Oh, I don’t have anything against Tivo or DVRs, as I absolutely love them. However…

I live in Chicago if you haven’t guessed that by now. Does anyone know what is going on in the United States today that has to do with Chicago? NO! The Cubs didn’t win the Super Bowl ๐Ÿ™‚

Obama day! Well, I sort of figured Chicago would have stayed home today to watch the events. NOPE! They all showed up to work, in their typical non-dedicated fashion of course. On the train in this morning I asked why people weren’t staying home to watch Obama, and they all said the same damn thing.


Argh! That isn’t the jist of it though. Now all of these people who have Tivo’d it and decided to make an appearance in their offices today, are going to be miserable. Why? Because they aren’t going to be able to surf the web because every website will have some sort of spoiler.

Another thing I heard on the train that I found interesting, and even heard it in Starbucks this morning is some people’s companies are shutting down Internet access during the events so they cannot watch it. Now that is hillarious. I wonder how many of Chicago’s finest will file lawsuits for this one :p

Anywho, just wanted to share my thoughts and hopefully provide a bit of laughter. Even though all of my friends will tell you I am not an Obama supporter, GO OBAMA! Ya Tristan, I said it, what are you going to do about it? ๐Ÿ™‚

Have a great day everyone!

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  • Jeff

    We took a different tact. Didn’t shut down Internet access, but we’re pulling coverage off of our cable connection and streaming it locally and encouraging people to watch this stream rather than pull it down off the Internet.

    Bonus, full HD video to the desktop (IP multicast FTW!)

  • They asked us not to stream it here at work today, but they’re displaying it on a TV in the atrium. Fair enough tradeoff, I suppose.

  • It’s a Federal Holiday here. In DC, Prince George’s County (MD), Montgomery County (MD), Fairfax County (VA), Arlington County (VA), Alexandria (VA), and Falls Church (VA), it’s a Federal Holiday. Everywhere else, it’s a normal day.

    Was a nice short walk from my apartment to the Washington Monument to watch. Lots of people blocking things up when I tried to go home though.

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