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Didn't listen to my own self

My previous post, Don’t be cheap, I stated that when purchasing computer components that you shouldn’t be cheap. Well, I didn’t listen. I went to Tiger Direct today and purchased an MSI motherboard for $50 (USD) and a Pentium D 805 (dual-core 2.66GHz) for another $50. The reason for the motherboard is because I didn’t want to purchase anything else as I already have 1GB of DDR PC4300 memory and an old Radeon 9550 AGP card. This new setup is much faster than the previous.

Well, the bad motherboard I am going to RMA through which means I will get that same Biostar motherboard back. This time I will not flash the Bios at all, screw Biostar and their incapable tech support. That means I will have to 64bit systems. The new system will be my main 64bit system and I will use the old amd64 rig for my pbuilder box/server.

Thanks to those of you who offered similar situations and pointers. Now I will be able to finish my final projects for school. Ya, I have to install that great OS called Windows XP, which was free as in free beer because of the ASP.NET class. I tried out Mono and Mono Develop w/o any success. Now that I understand ASP.NET a little more, which I am not the biggest fan of at this time, I will mess around some more and see if I can reproduce the website projects that we had to do.

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  • Warren Watts

    In your Blog about not listening to yourself, you mentioned your purchase of an MSI motherboard. I have purchased TWO MSI motherboards based on their low cost, and have been sorry BOTH times.

    The built-in sound failed on one board within a month, followed a week later by the built-in networking. Two months after that, the board stopped powering up completely.

    The other MSI ‘board failed about six months after purchase. Never again will I buy another cheap motherboard.

    Warren Watts

  • MSI is the only motherboard in history I have never had a problem with. I still have 2 KT133 Pro motherboards rocking 1GHz T-Birds at 1.6GHz. I had an Asus A7V133 that was the killer in motherboards, but the screw driver head out of my Craftsmen screwdriver fell out and blew the board up. Abit had the bad capacitor problem, and the Biostar, well it went out on its own. I feel fairly safe with the MSI mobo this go round and we shall see. I am hoping for the best as the system is actually pretty damn fast surprisingly with both XP and Kubuntu.

  • Agreeing with much of what has been said. Though I think we have to blame ourselves for the crapshoot : there is no way a company can survive by charging

  • Agreeing with much of what has been said. Though I think we have to blame ourselves for the crapshoot : there is no way a company can survive by charging 50$ (enduser!) for a board that lasts 10years. So they have to sell often so they change the mobo’s at least twice a year to make you think you buy the latest and greatest. BIOS bugfixing and support go down the drain as a result. Blech.
    If you would put 10$/h as value on your own time, I think with all the hours lost one could as well invest in Tyan’s or Commell’s class of quality. They should last much longer and that results in less junk ending up in our environment.
    P.S. I have several PC’s and have recapped an Asus A7M266D recently (just try to find the right spareparts!).

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