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So, my mom setup a free account which is good until March 22nd. After that it is really expensive to continue going. At this point to where I am in my family tree, we would have to pay for the maximum package to locate members of my family who are from Sweden. My mom’s side of the family is covered pretty well, all the way back to the 1400’s. Any Shackelford’s out there? Also found out I am related to Woody Guthrie and his son Arlo Guthrie on my mother’s side. On my father’s side I only got back to my great-grandmother until my dad told me about her sister, Gerda Ulrika Dahlberg, who unfortunately froze to death during the sinking of the Titanic. Fortunately because of that incident, it has helped me get back to my lineage in Sweden, but without shelling out $300 or so, I can’t get any further. Pretty cool that I now know the address to where my great grandmother (Signe M. Dahlberg Johnson) lived while working for Adlai Stevenson.

Now this is where you all come in. I would love to continue this and I found plenty of resources out there, but if any of you are family tree hackers, I would love input on how I should continue over the next couple of weeks. Is there software I should be using? Something I need to focus on or learn? My dad’s mother is of American Indian decent. So, doesn’t help much here, so if anyone knows how to proceed in possibly getting more information, let me know. I appreciate any and all help, so please, leave a comment. Thanks all!

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  • Gramps ( is pretty awesome software for storing your database (pictures, details, scans of birth/death certificates and so on) and printing pretty ancestry trees, but won’t help with the research. I’ve only gone back a couple of generations, so can’t help there…

    • GRAMPS is installed and in use. I can export my tree from and import it into GRAMPS which is whicked sweet. I knew about GRAMPS, but totally forgot the name of it, so thanks for refreshing my mind there 🙂

  • Bonbonthejon

    Webtrees ( is a nice open source genealogy system written in Apache/PHP/MySQL.

    • Nice! I am going to check this out. This will allow my other family members to get involved, therefor making my job in the end so much easier. Thanks a ton for this one!

  • MS

    Just saw your post on “the planet” and it caught my eye as just 2 days ago I began playing around with LifeLines ( It has some quirks, but I like this kind of extremely light program in preference to something like Gramps (after adding 1 entry, the size of the database was around 30MB …). It also appears that the reports can easily be configured to work well with LaTeX and friends, which is attractive to me. However, I’m also interested to hear what others suggest in response to your post – free and open source preferred.

  • nnonix

    I’m in the same boat. I went with the monthly subscription and will downgrade or cancel completely once I have exhausted ancestry’s resources.

  • Mike

    Significant updates have been going on over at LDS/Family Search:
    Stuff I never saw at Ancestry. Their “Labs”are cool as well;

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