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Fill my eyes, with that double vision

Kubuntu 8.04, the Hardy Heron, has been released.

What is up with those old Foreigner lyrics? Well Kubuntu 8.04 was released with two versions. The first version is the stable KDE 3 release featuring the KDE 3.5.9 desktop. This is the same Kubuntu many of you have grown accustomed to over the past couple of years. It is a bit more stable, a tad bit polished, and ready for you to download. The second version is the KDE 4 Remix. This version is for those of you who like to live on the edge a bit and enjoy watching a development cycle. So if you are this type of person, put the children to bed, and download the remix now!

Thanks to the entire KDE, Kubuntu, and Ubuntu communities who made this possible. Every single one of you involved totally rock!

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  • Linus Östberg

    It’s a great release, everything I have tried so far works great.

    However, I am still unable to boot from the alternate cd, so I had to install from the dektop one, so no encrypted filesystem for me 🙁

  • Sirrus

    I’m running the KDE 4 version, and I must say it’s well done. The effects are working correctly, plasma is shining, and the system sounds! Wow, they’re well done. I’m making KDE 4 my primary desktop environment, as I think it’s stable and feature-full enough for me to use.

    One thing I have to discover yet though. I simply cannot find any way to move the taskbar, system tray or any other applet I put on the panel. The applets simply stack one after another, so when I want to reorder these, I have to remove them all and then add them in the desired order.

    Any hints on how to do this some easy, other (possibly KDE3-style) way, Richard? I would be extremely grateful. 🙂

  • @Linus: odd you can’t boot from the alternate but the live cd works. Have to check and see if anyone else is witnessing that.

    @Sirrus: the feature you are looking for is in the pipe for future releases. It seems that with every release of the 4.0.x series, they add 1 or 2 new features from trunk for Plasma. The only way that I know how you can move them is by editing the ~/.kde4/share/config/plasma-appletsrc by hand, which is not fun at all.

  • SIrrus

    @nixternal: Thanks! I thought this may not yet be implemented, but I wanted to ask some KDE pro to be sure.

  • SIrrus

    nixternal: Thanks! I thought this may not yet be implemented, but I wanted to ask some KDE pro to be sure.

  • Ralph Loizzo

    Nix – you seem to be my best hope for solving this problem. In KDE 3.59 I still have a problem with the network folder wizard. When I try to use it to mount a remote ssh folder, it wont accept a port number higher than 32768.

    But the remote ssh places Im trying to connect to use ports higher than that. I don’t mind getting into the code and fixing it myself, but I wanted to know if u knew of any good workarounds for this.

  • @Ralph: hopefully everything was answered in the email exchange, thanks!

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