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First day of OpenWeek completed successfully

Wow, what a day! Jorge Castro did a smashing job getting the OpenWeek setup this time around. I was totally impressed and intrigued with today’s talks and watched everyone of them. The participants were amazing! I saw some of the most thought out questions, comments, and ideas today that totally blew me away.

I gave the Kubuntu Development talk today that had the greatest participation I have ever had in my previous OpenWeek talks. Great questions and interaction by everyone present! Thanks for making today such a success and I hope you all continue checking the talks out this entire week. On Wednesday, April 30 at 20:00 UTC, I will give an introduction to KDE 4 and its future and on Friday, May 2 at 21:00 UTC, I will give a talk about the Ubuntu Documentation Project. If you are interested in either talk, I sure hope you show up! For those of you who have been wondering how to contribute, I urge you to really check out the Documentation talk, as it is one of the easier ways for you to get involved.

Once again, a huge thanks and a hug to Jorge as well as a big thanks and hugs to Jono Bacon, Lars Wirzenius, Brian Murray, Pedro Villavicencio, Leann Ogasawara, and James Westby…You all did a smashing job!

Tomorrow there are even more great talks lined up, so make sure you check out the schedule and get involved! Thanks again everyone for making OUR community rock!

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