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Freedom post update

Hey everyone…first off I have to apologize for a simple mistake. I had no idea that the nixforce site was also hosting advertisement. I use Konqueror, the greatest browser in the world, and I have ad blocking turned on, so I don’t see all those Ad Sense ads by Google. That was what fueled my previous post in a way.

Also, after further discussion with Jordan Mantha, it is now clear that just because something doesn’t have a license or copyright doesn’t mean it IS in the public domain. Now some countries don’t support this idea, however the US does, and the server that is on is in the US. So the owner is therefor in violation of copyright laws (I think?) unless of course you hold a license that states otherwise (copyleft unrestricted).

See, I thought this site wasn’t selling advertisement because I didn’t see it. And therefor didn’t have any issues with it. I still don’t know if I have issues with it. You can view the stats for the server and see it is probably just us who are viewing it anyways šŸ™‚ So I apologize because I in fact did not see the violations, they were blocked I guess you can say, by Ad Blocker and possibly my lack of knowledge in this field. But hey, if I didn’t post this, I still wouldn’t know, so thanks for the input in the comments on my previous post. God public humiliation is awesome.

P.S. I still don’t support sending someone a DMCA cease-and-desist order.

EDIT: Heh, I made another booboo, my talk with Jordan made me realize that if it doesn’t contain a copyright, doesn’t mean it IS in the public domain. I am full of booboo’s today…I will blame that on using Visual Studio .NET for my homework (ASP.NET) due tonight :p

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