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Global Bug Jam Chicago Style

Yes, the Ubuntu Chicago LoCo team is looking to make a substantial contribution to the Ubuntu Global Bug Jam, February 20-22. Details at this time are sketchy of course, but with the help of the Chicago members, we should be able to pull of some good stuff.

Also, I am planning on adding upstream work to this jam by including members of Chicago who work for upstream projects such as:

  • KDE
  • Banshee
  • MySQL
  • Drupal
  • Django
  • and more…
    • If you are interested in participating in the bug jam with Ubuntu Chicago, please keep an eye on our Mailing List. If you have yet subscribed to the list, please do so. It is a very low traffic mailing list. Also stop by our IRC channel on Freenode in #ubuntu-chicago.

      We could use any and all help in planning this event. I have put out an email to the list already. You can view it HERE. Thanks!

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  • I am down. Also, I play OGG and think Vista is bad. I’m not going to let this one die – we need to get the loco going again.

  • Rock on Jim. Kevin and I just had lunch and we talked about you, nicely I might add. Yes, we shall revive the LoCo and make it stronger than ever!

    Saturday ChiGLUG is having their meeting. I will be there, so maybe if you show up we can discuss some ideas.

  • Cool, dude. I will be there on Saturday.

  • Freddy Martinez

    I’ll be there also dudes.

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