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UDS Day 4: Community and Kubuntu

Day 4, not as busy for me, but still a very productive day nonetheless. The two main tracks I covered on day 4 were community and Kubuntu.


A lot more round table discussion took place. There seems to be a common theme this week when it comes to community, and it is LoCo teams. We talked about how we could improve the interaction between the LoCo teams and how we could also improve our ways of attracting new contributors. There are more community sessions setup for the final day, so we shall see how that turns out.


Ahh, Kubuntu, one of my favorite subjects. On day 4 we discussed package management as well as what packages we will place in Jaunty for Kubuntu. Package management wise, it seems there was a consensus on switching from Adept to KPackageKit. We do understand there is a lot of work that still needs to be completed with KPackageKit, and the Kubuntu ninjas will do their best to get it up to speed. If something was to happen, and we were unable to deliver on KPackageKit, then we have Adept to fall back to. My question I just thought of is this, “If we use Adept as a fallback, shouldn’t we still try to fix it as well?” Wouldn’t it make sense to continue working on Adept side-by-side with KPackageKit, just in case we do not finish KPackageKit in time? I think so.

The next session for Kubuntu was to discuss what packages we will have in the Kubuntu Jaunty release. As it stands, we will of course follow the KDE 4.2 track. It looks like we will try shedding any remaining KDE 3 dependencies from the CD installation. With that said, Konversation will not be shipped by default, but will be available for installation via the repositories. Somewhere out there, there is a package for a KDE 4 version of K3b, so Anthony (tonio) will work on getting it all ready for Jaunty.

Later on, I will link everyone to the updated specifications, or blueprints, so they can see the Jaunty roadmap for Kubuntu. I will also locate specs concerning the community, and if I can’t, I will either wikify the Gobby sessions or I will just make stuff up 🙂

After day 4 was winding down, we decided to…well… One thing I learned last night was that Jorge really loves Metallica, even their flops! It made for some really funny discussions on the world of metal. Believe it or not, Jono wasn’t there to try and save the metal night.

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  • So if Konversation doesn’t ship, what is the default IRC client? Or have we decided we don’t need a default IRC client?

    Will Amarok 2 ship?

    Will 4.2 finally hit 3.5 usability levels?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

  • No default client installed right now. That will of course change in the future once Konversation gets the work it needs. We needed to make some space on the CDs and by getting rid of the KDE 3 bits helped out. There is a chance it might also stick around on the install because of K3b having the possibility of not being ready by release. If we keep the KDE 3 version of K3b, then Konversation will stick around on the install as well.

    Amarok 2 will ship!

    4.2 will get much closer to 3.5 usability levels that are common among many of the users, however everyones vision of functionality or usability is different. There have been a couple of the developers here at UDS decide to give the KDE 4.2 beta a spin for a substantial amount of time. I don’t think they will stick, but they were interested in what they saw as my laptop was utilized in most of the sessions since it “just worked” with the projectors. Jorge’s didn’t work at all because of some xorg bug supposedly, but you know the fun I had with that one 🙂

  • my laptop was utilized in most of the sessions since it “just worked” with the projectors. Jorge’s didn’t work at all because of some xorg bug supposedly, but you know the fun I had with that one


  • Where can I track the status of K3B port?

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