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UDS Day 3: Community, MOTU, and Ponies

It is 2:30am and I am quite tired so I will make this short and quick.


There was quite a bit of community work done these past few days, but today was the day I really enjoyed. We got to discuss how we can make the community not only better, but also how to make it more fluid and attract more people of all backgrounds in to contributing. We also got to communicated to the leaders of the community what some of the views that others have expressed in the future.


Look forward to some nice changes in the near future that will make MOTU rock even harder.


The three horsemen, Jono, Jorge, and Daniel wanted us to tear into them, let them know what the community perception of them were. I expressed concern from what I have heard from other developers in the past. It was a really great session and looksto get even better with tomorrow’s tracks.

OK, I ama going to bed now. As it stands, our alarm clock should be fixed so I wake up on time. Tomorrow I shall do a couple of interviews so I will keep you updated. Goognight!!

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