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UDS Day 2: Development, Archive Reorganization, Documentation, LoCo

Can anyone hear me? I can’t hear myself! I am exhausted and also just found out the source of my frozen funds. It seems the hotel here has been charging my debit card $120 over and over, therefor causing my bank to freeze my card, which means at this time, the money in my pocket is all I have right now, and foo on me for not grabbing extra cash prior to the trip, as my bank is only a “Chicago thing.”

Anyways, what a day! I was able to take part in multiple sessions which means I also missed quite a bit of other sessions I was interested in, and should have been in. The ones I really wanted to be a part of were the Kubuntu Installer specification as well as check out the future of LTSP in Ubuntu. So what did I get to see today?


The morning started out with a great track on Ubuntu development. This track covered processes, reorganization, and issues. It seems the big thing were the issues during the discussions and everyone who was concerned raised their voices to be heard. I may not have agreed with some things, but I was very impressed by the professionalism and the well thought out plans and counter-plans. I hope I took a lot out of this session, and once I have all of the notes from this session and have had the time to process them, I guarantee I will blog more about this. Everyone taking part in this session, which was pretty much everyone, totally kicked arse!

Archive Reorganization

Somebody hold me! If you ever got the chance to watch the movie the Exorcist, you might remember the part with the head spinning. Well that was me for a while during this session. I hate the fact I accidentally missed the beginning of it as I was in another session. I came in half way through, and that was half way to total head decompression. I will definitely be studying the notes and the specifications in much further detail and going through it with a fine-tooth comb so I can totally, 100% gasp the process. Everyone who ran this track, you scare me ๐Ÿ™‚


So, the Kubuntu folks got together to discuss the current state of Kubuntu documentation. Needless to say, for our current environment, it sucks! Yes, if you go through the documentation attempting to receive help for your KDE 4.x system, you are out of luck unfortunately. One thing we noted, is that it isn’t all of our fault, our being Kubuntu, because the current state of upstream KDE documentation, well it is somewhat of a mess as well. I will accept some blame on that as I, fortunately for me, took a job this spring that has really absorbed a ton of my time in the Ubuntu and KDE communities. I know I am a big guy, but damn I just wish at times there was a bit more of me to go around. The beginning of this year, I was spot on. I wasn’t missing a beat, but because of my job, I feel I have dropped the ball on this. I will definitely start working closely, and I mean very closely, with KDE to get our documentation up to par. So be prepared to see some pimping coming from my blog posts in the future trying to get more help. This time around though, I will prepare myself better, as last time I did some documentation pimping, it bit me in the ass as I was overwhelmed by the amazing response.

LoCo Teams

YOU ROCK! Holy smokes, the French LoCo team had a party or conference, or whatever the hell you want to call it, but over 4,000 people showed up. If you think I typed that wrong, let me rephrase that:


After this, I have come to the conclusion…I suck! Talk about envious, I think everyone in this session about fell out.

Anyways, though that is hard to follow and beat, let me tell you what we talked about. How we can make our LoCo Teams even better. It seems the common theme was collaboration. We discussed things like a multi-track LoCo Open Week where each track would be in a different language, this way here we could avoid the language barriers and have a no-holds barred jam. I of course spoke up a couple of times, and was briefly put in my place by that funny guy Jono! Paybacks my son!

I haven’t taken a look at tomorrow’s tracks, but I am sure I will be insanely busy once again. Right now I am about as close to death as one could possibly imagine. So with that said, I am debating sleep or going back down stairs to watch Ubuntu Unplugged. That is, a bunch of geeks with instruments jamming out, but without power. Geeks without power, I do have to witness this! Until tomorrow everyone, have a great evening and keep on kicking ass!

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