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UDS Day 3: Community, MOTU, and Ponies

It is 2:30am and I am quite tired so I will make this short and quick. Community There was quite a bit of community work done these past few days, but today was the day I really enjoyed. We got to discuss how we can make the community not only better, but also how to […]

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UDS Day 1: Community, Kubuntu, MOTU and more

Wow what a first day! After today, I am so pumped up to get working hardcore on the next release of Ubuntu and Kubuntu. Today I participated in 3 main discussions, Community, Kubuntu, and MOTU. Community Jono led a session about how we can bring the LoCo teams around the world closer together. Discussions included […]

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Got MoM?

What is everyone waiting for? Get on over to MoM and start merging! As of right now, there are 208 outstanding merges! Some of you have your work cut out with fixing errors, but for you new people who want to eventually become a MOTU, there are a ton of little easy ones for you. […]

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