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Got MoM?

What is everyone waiting for? Get on over to MoM and start merging! As of right now, there are 208 outstanding merges! Some of you have your work cut out with fixing errors, but for you new people who want to eventually become a MOTU, there are a ton of little easy ones for you. Universe is where the love is needed.

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  • troll

    Delusions of grandeur.. Copyright statement in blog *teehee*

  • @troll: ya I was messing around with some stuff and haven’t decided on keeping it just yet or blasting it away. I was trying to follow the splogs and see if they will include it or not.

  • @troll: there are people who take your content and re-mix it and add paying ads. So why should people profit from your work without paying you or asking permission, if you want dont want them to. And otherwise, you may not want your content under a traditional copyright, which is the default. Think CC or GPL!

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