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Grr, everything is breaking

It all started a bit over a month ago when I lost 2 machines to a natural disaster, one being my build machine which was powerful and the other being my laptop, which I used the most. Then yesterday when finishing my bike ride, busted spokes sent me into a nice slide with a broken wheel. The other day I noticed a clicking in my server, hard drive is what it sounded like. So I was able to power up, make a final backup, and noticed it wasn’t clicking. So I ran it for a day and just now, it died. One of these days I will have all of the money in the world and this type of stuff won’t bother me so much, but right now I am flat ass broke. So, until I can scrape together some money, I do not think I will be able to help much around the Ubuntu world. I will be using my netbook for pretty much everything right now, and if you have a netbook, lord knows you can’t do much with it besides surfing the intertubes.

Calgon! Take me away!

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  • PPA, openSUSE buildservice (more than 200 build nodes! does ubuntu stable releases and debian stable releases so you can do SRUs), ssh into alioth as a last resort for doing basic things with code =)

  • PPA is a really bad option, especially if you are creating a new package and need to do troubleshooting, and why weigh down either build services with a package that could potentially fail to build?

    I do a bit more than build packages, such as build and test KDE trunk, apply patches, fix bugs, and then some. So I need a full-fledged super-duper-puter 😀

  • Dude, leave it with me, let me see what I can figure out.

  • Donation left – should be enough to cover a terabyte drive or so.

    I don’t use KDE though. I hope this doesn’t matter.

  • @MoLE – I really appreciate that, but I wasn’t looking for donations. I am not one of those who will blog for money, not my type of thing. I like to work for my money 🙂 If you don’t mind, I would like to refund the donation to you.

  • There, removed that donations button. Totally forgot about it. Tweeted about it the other day and thought I removed it, but I guess I didn’t. I appreciate the consideration, however I don’t want to be another “Hey I need money for this or that” type of person. I have done open source development for fun for more than 15 years now. Thanks again though!

  • Rich – check your email. 😉

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