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Don't call it a comeback!

Severed Fifth has been here for years!

OK, probably not the brightest idea to mix a little bit of LL Cool J and Severed Fifth, but I just couldn’t stop myself. Do you know what Severed Fifth is? No? Where the hell have you been? You have? Awesome! </jcastro>

Jono Bacon is in the process of finishing up his second album as part of his Severed Fifth project. If you know Jono, then you know there is a bunch of loud noises, a few grunts, and a wanna-be British man screaming from the depth of his gut. Years back, prior to the release of the first Severed Fifth album, Denied by Reign, I had the privilege of listening to a few of its tracks at a Linux fest. To quote myself after hearing some tracks:

“Oh yeah…this is the kind of shit I want to listen to before I break into someone’s house and rob them.”

I have heard a couple of the raw tracks through the Severed Fifth UStream channel, and I think my previous quote still stands. I haven’t heard the words yet, well not all of them. One day I overheard Jono growling something about My Little Pony, so you never know!

One thing Jono recently added was Fair Pay. Jono has been spending quite a bit of money to keep the Severed Fifth project afloat and recently if you remember, another group released an album where you paid what you thought was fair. Well, Jono is doing the same. If my broke arse can afford to donate money for some incredible music that I am free to do whatever I want with, then so can you! Only afford $1, groovy, Jono could use it. If you were planning on heading to space this year and still have $20,000,000 lying around, screw space, rock out with Severed Fifth instead!

While recently reading through the Severed Fifth website, I came across one of the posts talking about how Severed Fifth was being used in quite a few online videos. Don’t know about you, but I found not only the work cool, but the fact there are some people I would have never expected listening to metal using it in their video. Check that out and definitely look the videos over.

Street Team time! You can help spread the word of Severed Fifth in your community. When Denied by Reign came out, myself and a friend worked hard to try and get airplay on Q101, a local radio station here in Chicago. They were impressed to say the least, but 2 things stopped them from doing so. Metal wasn’t really their genre though they played some, and the other was the fact Jono was a misplaced British guy who isn’t from Chicago. Hey we tried. I did however get the local college to play it on their airwaves, so a few people got to hear the goodness.

So, if you are a metal head, or even if you aren’t, head on over to Severed Fifth’s website and check it out. I promise you a good time, and who knows, you just might end up a metal head if you weren’t already one.

Mama said knock you out!

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