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Oh where oh where could our CDs be

Lucid, 10.04, was released nearly 3 months ago and still to this date the Ubuntu Chicago LoCo Team has not received our shipment. Not only has our shipment not been received but nobody seems to be answering my emails. Getting a bit tired of telling everyone, nope you can’t have any CDs because I don’t have any CDs, and not being able to have a decent gathering to promote Ubuntu because we have zero materials. Maybe this blog post will make its way to someone’s desk that can help or who possibly cares.

In the meantime, many of you (well maybe 1 or 2, not many I am sure) might have noticed I haven’t been online for over a week. I totally forgot about my home refinishing project that I was supposed to do this week, and the moving of my office space. When I am done working I try to get in a bike ride, and after that it is shower and sleep. Hit me up on my cell phone if you need me, as my computers are being moved around and no power is in the office area yet.

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  • Have you contacted Maria Randazzo at Canonical? She hangs out on the LoCo Contacts list, and you can guess her email address. When people ask on the list about CD issues she’s pretty quick to sort things out.

  • At least 2 times via email, as well as the shipit address a few times, and Jono once.

  • Vonskippy

    Perhaps you’ve heard of these wonderful things called BLANK CD’s.

    Stop whining and start burning.

  • Give me the blank CDs or shut it. I don’t have neither the time nor expenses for such a feat. If you do, step up.

  • Sandy Beaches

    Yes you do. You have 12 bucks for 100 pack of CD’s and plenty of time in the evenings if you would stop roaming the mean streets of Chicago, Illinois. You are just a typical Linux complainer.

  • mojo
  • To those trying to provide solutions, you’re missing the point. It’s not a cost/time/ability issue. It’s a support issue. Canonical supports all of the approved LoCos with free CDs with each new release. The Chicago LoCo has apparently not gotten theirs yet.

    Rich, I’ve a got three sets of each version (Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Server) that I can part with to hold you over. If you’re interested, shoot me an email with an address and I’ll drop them in the mail for you.

  • @Adam, booyah! I love it when my community homies stand up ๐Ÿ™‚ I will get back to you if I don’t hear from Canonical soon on the issue. I did get 2 emails about getting CDs shipped to me, only thing is they aren’t Ubuntu ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Eddie M.

    lol at everyone saying rich doesnt support linux enough because he’s complaing on the blog. do some research before you (very wrongly) attack someone, it’s not up to richard specifically to finance the community actions, especially when expectations are raised by Canonical. i will say that they have been very good in the past about shipit to the loco group.

  • jackd

    The “quit whining” comments are just silly. Canonical is not a volunteer organization. They’ve been trying to market professional services of various kinds for the last few years. The disks are a way to expose themselves to a wider audience.

    IMO, keeping an LUG waiting 3 months and not responding to emails is pretty unprofessional. To me, this has nothing to do with 12 bucks for blank CDs.

  • jackd


    Canonical isn’t a volunteer organization..that is true. It’s also true that Canonical isn’t a profitable company either.

    But _Ubuntu_ is not entirely a corporate affair. And let’s be honest LoCos don’t primarily act as agents for Canonical products and services.. they act to spread Ubuntu and at best Canonical’s for-pay services get a token mention by LoCo volunteers. That subtle difference in focus doesn’t really make LoCos the most powerful of sales leads. In fact I could actual argue that continuing to hand out CDs over the next couple of years works against Canonical’s OEM business focus. But never mind that….

    Maybe its time to drop the expectation that Canonical should be paying entirely out of its own coffers for these CDs. Maybe its time for the wider _external_ Ubuntu community to be able to directly support LoCos and have a mechanism in place to offset the resource expenditure Canonical is expected to provide. Maybe its time to make the costs of enabling the sort of outreach the LoCos do a _partnership_ between Canonical and the wider _volunteer_ community by having an explicit and transparent way for external community to donate money to pay a portion of the LoCo media costs.

    The problem is the total lack of transparency associated with Canonical financials. Do you know how much these CD sets cost Canonical in total? What if it was on the order of $500k or more to supply all the LoCos globally. If Canonical asked the external community to pay half that via donations in the upcoming cycle, would the community respond to the challange and help pay the costs to ensure LoCos got the requisite CD sets?


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