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Hello Planet KDE

Hello Planet KDE!

Just wanted to drop in and say hello as I was just added to the planet and provide a little information about myself if you don’t know me yet or haven’t had the privilege of me bugging you just yet. My name is Richard Johnson and I live in a small city in the US called Chicago. I currently work with the Kubuntu, Debian, and Foresight Linux projects with an emphasis of course in KDE. I have been using KDE pretty much since the day it made waves on the internet almost 12 years ago. I have been contributing here and there to KDE for the past couple of years. If you look closely you might see some of my work here and there, mostly with documentation and the Dot.

Thanks to everyone who made KDE 4 a reality, thanks to Chris for adding me to the planet, and thanks to Juan, Harald, Lydia, Martin, and others for telling me to quit wasting time and ask to be added. Thanks again, and here is to a wonderful 2008 and KDE 4!

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  • I was under the impression that you had already been on Planet KDE ^^

    Anyway, congrats!

  • Andrew

    yeah congrats for making on the planet kde

  • welcome to the planet! 🙂

  • Thanks everyone!

  • nasrullah

    verynice thank you ….. bravo……

  • nasrullah

    very nice thank you ….. bravo……

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