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iCrack 3G Ripoffs already sighted

So, as most of you know, today was the release day for the new iPoops. I of course made jokes at everyone in the office who has one, and watched all of the complete idiots stand in line since yesterday hoping their iPoop had some Steve Jobs sweat on it. Anyways, woohoo, I could care less, but what I find funny is that people went and bought the new iPoops during the iTunes failure (Mako, there you go man! Add that to your list of errors, there are some good screenshots out there, or better yet Jono, Mass Fail!) and couldn’t activate their new waste of money. So, some people decided, hell, I will buy 2, put them on Craigslist and Ebay for $800. Holy smokes you Apple freaks, you are slightly iTarded! The AT&T store, about .75 miles from my hood, has all but the 2 they sold today, and the Apple store in Schaumburg still had some when I took a cruise by to see how many iTards were waiting in line. And people wonder why I hate the city of Chicago and enjoy the burb life, ya that means you Kevin ‘I use Ubuntu in my closet’ Harriss! We don’t have the silly hoopla the city has, and don’t have to stand in line, unless it is an $800 laptop on sale for $250 at Best Buy come the day after Thanksgiving.

Oh, and I just happened to stop by Best Buy yesterday and purchase my very own Ubuntu collection. Oddly enough, it was the last one and the guy at the desk started to act like he knew a thing or two, which was cool, though he didn’t know much except that Vista was better and not prone to hackers like Lie-nux is πŸ˜›

OK, time to simmah down, watch today’s stage of the Tour de France and go to bed. Have a great iWeekend everyone!

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  • Gtor

    Anyways, woohoo, I could care less,

    COULDN’T. You COULDN’T care less…

    Ach, what are they teaching kids these days?

  • Zac

    Ideally what I want is a mobile phone that has the phone specific software in the add/remove programs or synaptic. As far as I now no phone company has mobile phone software tailored for Linux. Maybe Google Andriod might do that.

  • Lucian

    The Neo Freerunner has been released and it has a package manager, but software for it is lackluster (openmoko).

    I really don’t understand the ipod craze. It can’t even play flac or ogg.

  • troll

    Apparently you DO care, and a lot. Otherwise you wouldn’t have written the blog post…

  • Sirrus

    What a stupid bashing. Please grow up, nixternal.

  • Tony

    Rich is venting at the hypocrisy he believes some smug mac zealots have. What he is trying to talk about is this:

  • ooh, thanks Tony for showing me that link. Actually, I would probably get an iPhone if it weren’t for a few things. I don’t want the AT&T wireless service. I have family members who I have seen go through hell with AT&T wireless. The other thing is that it will not play OGG, and I do not feel like converting all of my music just for the iPhone. I don’t have anything against the iPhone, there is no denying it is a really good phone, I just found it absolutely crazy seeing what the freaks were doing yesterday just to get one, and then to put them on eBay and Craigslist for $800 when they didn’t even sell out. That is ridiculous. Plus lets not forget the fact there was a tad bit of beer flowing through me last night as well πŸ™‚

    @Sirrus – I don’t want to grow up, if you want me to, please go elsewhere. I enjoy being a mid-30’s kid πŸ˜›

    @Gtor – I don’t need the grammar police around here either. I am from Chicago, none of us speak correctly sober anyways.

  • Did you at least correct the Best Buy guy?

  • Sympy

    You have the right to be a mid-30’s kid, but if your blog is part of Planet Ubuntu, you have a code of conduct to follow:

    “We expect members of the Ubuntu community to be respectful when dealing with other contributors as well as with people outside the Ubuntu project”

    While your criticism is valid, expressions like “complete idiots” and “iTarded” are not. Specially because it’s not clear if you’re taking just about fanboys or simply anyone who has an iPhone. I don’t visit Planet Ubuntu for this and the code of conduct says I’m not supposed to.

    PS: I’m saying this as an iPhone hater.

  • Aren’t Blog police grand πŸ™‚

    Awesome post

  • troll

    Nixternal btw, if you have all your music as OGGs it doesn’t matter. The media player software can encode your music automatically into aac/mp3 for putting into the iPhone… Your ears really can’t hear the difference and that’s what matters.

  • No matter what the other commenters say, I laughed my a** off this morning when I read in the paper about all the problems with the iPoop launch. Your blog gave me the second chuckle of the day, and the comments a third. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the giggles hee hee.

  • @john – glad to give ya a smile πŸ™‚

    OH NOES! Code of Conduct police!!! One thing the code of conduct doesn’t do is rid me of my right to free speech, so sorry if you were offended by my comments.

    @Mackenzie – ya, a quick little lesson helped the youngster at the register.

    @Troll – With my old iPoop, iTunes didn’t convert my ogg stuff for me, so that is when I learned of RockBox (a couple of years ago). I put RockBox on it and it fixed my ogg problem. Haven’t messed with iTunes since then so I am sure that probably all changed.

  • Sympy

    Ah yes, the good old ‘n’ beaten-up “free speech” argument. Please don’t be naive.

    If by “free speech” you mean “saying anything regardless of how disrespectful it is”, then of course the code of conduct rids you of it. Just like the law rids racists of it. You can’t be disrespectful without expressing your disrespect, so if the code restricts disrespect then it obviously restricts what you can or cannot say. By definition.

    And no, I wasn’t offended by your comments. In fact, I found your post quite funny as I hate the hype around the iPhone myself. I wouldn’t say a thing and perhaps might’ve even complimented you for it if your blog was isolated. However it’s not. It’s part of a blog aggregator and as such is subjected to its rules.

    Like I said before, all of your points, with which I mostly agree, could be perfectly expressed without the need of aggressive words.

  • troll

    Nixternal, good players such as Banshee will automatically convert your media for your portable players.. It’s not task of the handheld device really to support many formats, better to keep it as simple as cheap as possible and to move that functionality to the other end anyways.

  • Sympy: Not all countries restrict racists. Even while it’s offensive and ignorant, some countries protect the rights of all of their citizens… even the toothless idiot and nixternal variety. πŸ˜‰

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