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Linux and GMail

I have spent a bit of today playing with the various email clients on Linux today. I use GMail with IMAP for all of my email. Why you ask, especially when there are so many other options? Easy, convenience. I don’t have to set anything up, works with my phone, computers, TV, and then some. […]

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iCrack 3G Ripoffs already sighted

So, as most of you know, today was the release day for the new iPoops. I of course made jokes at everyone in the office who has one, and watched all of the complete idiots stand in line since yesterday hoping their iPoop had some Steve Jobs sweat on it. Anyways, woohoo, I could care […]

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The unstinkable

I was surprised to find out this morning that the local stores still have iPhones. They didn’t sell out! I figured they would have been gone instantly. Yesterday our local Apple store had a line waiting out front waiting for them to open. I mean a huge line, like that was seen everywhere. Gobs of […]

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