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KDE 3.5.6 Released

January, 26th, 2007 – KDE 3.5.6 is released to the masses. For those of you using Kubuntu, either 6.10 (Edgy) or 7.04 (Feisty), there is a package upgrade just for you. Feisty users only have to do an update as the new packages have already been uploaded. Edgy users need to add some repository love and make sure they have the great Jonathan Riddell’s super-duper GPG key installed for security purposes. More information about the general release can be found HERE, and those of you with Kubuntu Edgy can find out how to upgrade HERE.


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  • What about dapper users? Will KDE 3.5.6 ever be available for us, or will we have to do the perilous upgrade to Edgy from Dapper?

  • William,

    I just asked in #kubuntu-devel and as soon as Jonathan Riddell comes about, I am sure I will have an answer for you. As of right now, my guess would be that he created the Feisty packages first, then went down and did the Edgy packages. That right there is more than a days worth of work. Hopefully he will get the Dapper packages rolled out soon, but like I said, as soon as I hear back from him I will let you know more

  • Cool, so I take it that Dapper is not too old to run KDE 3.5.6 then? In that case, I assume the packages will eventually make their way to the main Kubuntu repositories, and the Adept Update manager will take care of it within a few months? I’m not in a hurry, as you can tell by the fact I’m still using Dapper.

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