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KDE 4.0 – The Stocking Stuffer

It was announced today that KDE 4.0 will be delayed 2 months in order to get in 2 extra beta releases. This will now push the release date into the holidays. Now I know a lot of you are like “aww shucks, I wanted it sooner” and there are those of you like “ha ha we told you so”. Well for the “aww shucks” crowd, Kubuntu will be releasing the beta packages for Gutsy on the day that the beta is announced, with a Feisty package set right behind it, if not ready on the same day. For the “ha ha we told you so” crowd, ya I guess you did, but this is better not only for the KDE project, but also for the users of KDE 4.

Beta testers are needed for KDE 4, so I highly recommend that when we release the packages into the wild (keep an eye out on for the news release), you should start playing around with it.

On another note, if you have always wanted to help out with a Free Software Project, here is your chance. KDE is always interested in new developers, documenters, marketers, and more. So with this, I would like to call out to people interested in documenting. As it stands, there are less than 6 of us in KDE who do a majority of the documentation. We have a lot to do for KDE 4 and would love any and all help. If you feel like helping, stop by #kde-docs on Freenode and say hello. If you don’t get a hello back right away, please don’t get discouraged. There are times that #kde-docs looks like a ghost town. If myself, Phil, or Jonathan are around, you will get a response and we can see how you can fit into the project. DocBook/XML of course will be a plus, but it isn’t necessary. It is easy for you to write in plain text, or on a wiki and one of us can do the conversion for you.

Thanks everyone!

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