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Soy preso guantanamero

Growing up a large Latino neighborhood in Chicago, the song Guantanamera became one of my favorite songs ever. Most of the people in my area were from Mexico, yet one of the top songs you would always hear just happened to be Cuban. Anyways, I got a huge kick tonight when I ran across this version of it by Richard Stallman. Hope you enjoy!

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  • Hi, my dear brother,

    Well, this is only to tell yo that in fact, YES Guantanamera is a Cuban Song, but I only wanna say that is an OLD, really VERY OLD CUBAN SONG, this song is since Cuba was not in the Fidel Castro control.

    There for I invite yo to continue joinging this song, eacht time that this song is played, is a sond for Freedom.


  • ya, I think in the 1920’s is when the original version of this song came, at least I think that is what I read. I have listened to the song a few times, the song by Richard, and it is great. I enjoy both songs and will play them many more times. Thanks for the comment! It is truly about the freedom.

  • Here is a video of Stallman singing this without instrumentation! 😉

  • Are these the lyrics of the song you used to sing growing up?

  • ubuntero

    A pesar de su apariencia, Stallman habla un excelente español. Lamentablemente, no es un gran cantante. Ni siquiera un cantante pasable. Pero es un showman, y verlo hacer una payasada de las suyas es grandioso, incluso aunque no estés de acuerdo con algunas de las cosas que dice (que no es el caso, yo soy un Talibán GNU)

  • Maykel Moya

    See a review (in spanish) of the recording in

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