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I wanted to let all of the Planet KDE and Planet Ubuntu readers know just how awesome our communities are. 24 hours ago I wrote a blog post titled, “KDE 4.1 documentation needs your help,” and we received and overwhelming response. On a typical day, #kde-docs on IRC has about 5 people idling most of the time. Right now there are 19 people, of which 75% of them are working on documentation right now. Simply awesome! We have been up to around 25 people earlier, but still this is the most action I have seen in that channel in the past 3 years.

I want to give a quick thanks to the following people on IRC who jumped in and started working:

  • Anne-Marie Mahfouf
  • David Edmundson
  • Faemir
  • frewsxcv
  • gaurav
  • hdevalence
  • Jonathan Jesse
  • Karthik Periagaram
  • katastrophe
  • NigelS
  • Roshan (ubunturos)
  • Stephanie Whiting
  • and others I may have missed…


Jumping in and contributing to a free software project is so easy these days. Proof are those who jumped in yesterday and today and started cranking out documentation work without ever having worked on such a thing in the past.

If you are looking to help out KDE any ways possible, documentation is about the easiest thing there is. Just have a good grasp of the English language (we have proof readers, or you can be a proof reader), and have just a bit of interest in writing. You can update current documentation, add new documentation, proof read, and more. If you are interested, #kde-docs on Freenode IRC is where we are at. Do not worry if you don’t know DocBook/XML, it would be awesome if you did, but myself and others who work with DocBook/XML have no problems taking any formatted document you have and either converting into DocBook/XML or copy and pasting into a file.

Thanks again everyone and keep on making KDE rock!

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