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Hardy KDE 4.1 Beta Packages Soon

It seems the popular question these past two days are, “Are there any KDE 4.1 Beta 1 packages yet?”

The answer is, soon! I am working on building the packages now and will hopefully have them all complete within the next couple of days. There are a lot of changes that need to be done to the packages for the 4.1 Betas, so I am taking my time making sure to catch all of them before releasing the packages to the world.

A little patience is all I ask and as soon as they are complete, I will blog about them here and also keep checking for a release announcement. Thanks!

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  • js

    Thanks for the Info, I am really, really…… bleeding to try KDE4.1 beta on my kubuntu machine
    Please dont let us wait too long πŸ™‚ “kidding”
    Thanks for Packaging Kde 4.1 Beta.. I really appreciate it…

  • faemir

    Using 4.1 beta on another distro at the moment, I have to say, it’s really worth trying out! Everything seems solid and mature bar plasma, and even it’s made massive strides to become more stable.

    If you’ve been put off by previous version of kde4, or haven’t even tried yet, you really should try 4.1 beta 1!

  • Patcito

    Nice, thanks for the package. Are you going to package plasmoids from extragear too? that would be really cool.

  • hmm

    What about Intrepid?

  • Emil Sedgh

    @Patcito: There is no Extragear/Plasmoids anymore.there is a new KDE module named ‘kdeplasmoids’ and its a part of every release, just like all other modules.

  • Patcito

    @Emil: ok thanks

  • <obligatory snide remark> I thought 4.0 was the 4.1 beta… </obligatory snide remark>
    Thanks for all your hard work! I’m really looking forward to a usable KDE4!

  • Andreas S.

    Thank you very much. You rock Richard! Take all the time you need, but not longer. πŸ˜‰


  • nabil2199

    The one gripe I have about kde4.0 is how file icons on the desktop don’t behave like files.
    I heard they fixed that in 4.1

  • Thanks, I promise to try being patient πŸ™‚
    Anyway, openSuse had a great job packaging KDE4, even backporting some enhancements and fixes from 4.1 but ubuntu packages seemsed a bit .. well crude. So I prefer to wait a few days to have nice-quality packages πŸ™‚

  • *psz_myname

    Something I’m really looking forward to is Arora web browser, will it be included? :kitty eyes:

  • Thanks, Richard! I can’t wait to install KDE 4.1 beta 1, but take your time with the packages.

    *psz_myname, I don’t think Arora is mature enough to be included in any suite yet, but you can always build it yourself… It’s not like KDE, which requires tons of resources to build ;p

  • Paulo Cesar

    It’s good to hear that! I was very sad because I can use kde 4.1 on my lappie (small eee) and coundn’t on my ubuntu workstation.

    Thanks for that! And It’s also good to see that you are packaging *after* the release, because when 4.0 got out, kubuntu’s packages seemed to be packaged too early, so many bugs that were already fixed were released on the packages… I got really mad that time (lol :P)

  • Austin

    Cool, I’m looking forward to try it out on my new hardware that should arrive in a few days (Dual core CPU ftw πŸ˜€ ), hope it’s more stable then when I tried 4.0 a few months ago though *shudders*

  • The reason we waited was….well I forgot all about them actually because I was totally busy with something else πŸ™‚

    Getting all of the Debian stuff up to snuff is the biggest pain right now. kdepimlibs is currently building locally now making sure that all of the package files get installed to the correct location, and to make sure that no files are missing from the .debs.

    I should be all done by Friday with them (I hope).

    As for the kdeplasmoids module now in KDE trunk, it isn’t included in the 4.1 beta 1, but should be in the next beta due out not to long from now.

  • DanaKil

    “*psz_myname (13:56:21) :
    Something I’m really looking forward to is Arora web browser, will it be included? :kitty eyes:”

    Well, something I really looking for is a real KDE/Webkit browser (note that I just love Konq but, like dolphin is a file manager only, it’s nice to have a web browser only app for KDE)

    I’ve seen this project a few days ago : FoxKit ( ). No idea if it will be a solid project (I hope so) but the long term goals looks great : “Longer term objectives include scripting support (via Kross), the use of threads to keep the interface responsive, session management (to allow closing the browser and re-opening at exactly the same place) as well as various other features”

    BTW, thanks for the 4.1 packages πŸ™‚

  • Thanks for your commitment, Richard.

    *Trying hard not to ask when they will be ready :p *

  • G2g591

    Keep up the good work, and don’t go overboard with the patching!! Please, try to give users a nice stable experiance, like vanilla Kde 4.1 beta1 (actually an svn revision close to the date of its tagging) on Gentoo (what I run) . mostly I say this because I’ve talked to a few people who had issues on Debian experimental packages for it, that didn’t happen here. Just give a *few patches to fix MINOR things, so you don’t cause more problems.

  • solardeity

    Hey Richard, are you going to use your ppa repository? I wanted to set it up and get ready when you fill it up with kde 4.1 goodies .. πŸ™‚
    You know, if there is anything I could do to help?? just let me know..

  • Baddabo

    Wohooo! Looking forward to it! Thank you for your effort!!

  • Jonas

    Great to hear! While the kde4daily snapshot is fun to play with it is not quite the same as using it fulltime so I really appreciate this!

  • Jonas

    Oh, and probably not your fault…but I don’t like how that Browser/OS recognition published next to each comment works…since I’m using neither OS X or Safari. Webkit, yes, but the browser reports itself as running on Linux according to my weblogs…

    Oh well. Just a nitpick really from someone anal enough to want such details right…

  • Darryl Wheatley

    Fantastic work.

    Just wondering, will you guys be offering an improved package installer (e.g. I heard Kubuntu was going to use Arch Mod’s Shaman to replace the current Adept)? I heard Shaman will become modular so it can be used on other distros and will support packagekit. The screenshots on its website are very impressive, and it has a much cleaner interface than Adept.

    Also, will kdesudo be replaced with kde-policykit or will this take much more time to do like the Kubuntu JJ/KK/LL release?

    KDE 4.1 looks very promising (especially the new and improved Plasma). Thanks very much.

  • hmm

    Woow. Shaman indeed is a lot more sane than Adept. I hope it gets included. Then I can ditch Synaptic.

  • Morten Lund

    What will the procedure for us stuck with a 4.0.3 from 7.10 be? Should we purge the old *-kde4 packages or should we just upgrade?

  • solardeity

    @Darryl Wheatley
    I think maybe (K)packageKit?!! Shaman is still in heavy development and it will be Modular and with plugings to support apt first with Shaman2

    I would go for KpackageKit, you can get it for gnome and Kde.. One app, two DE πŸ™‚


  • ooh, kpackagekit looks slick.

  • solardeity

    too bad i cant find any kubuntu packages of KpackageKit

  • megomeg

    Thank a lot for your work…

  • Shaman2 will support multiple distros. The stable version of Shaman should come out for Arch pretty soon now. I tried it in Beta 1 and it was perfectly stable as far as I saw. So far work on the API and libraries for Shaman2 has begun so it will take a while before we see it usable in the trunk.

  • Maggo

    Thank God itΒ΄s Friday

  • But still no packages.
    I would bet it will be out on saturday afternoon or sunday, we should not rush things, I want a good 4.1 testing experience πŸ˜€

  • solardeity

    Hi Richard, please let us know in just about how long its going to take till we can see some Packages for KDE 4.1 Beta…. ?? Your teasing us πŸ™‚
    No for real, I know that it takes allot of work to get all the Packages done… But a little signal… a tiny message…
    I have been visiting you blog every hour, its killing me πŸ˜‰

  • I am slowly approaching the 50% mark of being complete. With the 4.1 Beta 1 packages, pretty much everything packaging wise has changed. I am using the packages from Intrepid which were created to be the main KDE packages now. So what I have to do is go through all of the .install files, make sure they are going to the correct location, and also merging in stuff that is needed by the packages. If everything goes as planned, we should have have everything completed by this weekend. I will continue to work pretty much all day on the packages and get them out to everyone just as soon as I can.

    I really do appreciate everyones patience with this process. On the possibility that I will be heading out of town this weekend, I will have someone else complete everything else (ie. some of the kde modules and the extragear stuff). Right now I am in the process of completing the kdebase-workspace package, which has proven to be a real pain. So once I have this and kdebase complete, the foundation of KDE 4.1 will be complete, leaving just the modules to finish.

    Thanks again everyone!

  • betatester

    hey nixternal, thaks for you great work in advance!

    i would appreciate if you make a package of Kdevelop 4.0 too.
    it is shipped with KDE 4.1officially, but practically no distributor
    offers that package :/


  • Shaman2 FTW!

  • JJ

    Kool! I’ve been using KDE 4.1 in the KDE4DailyUpdater, but I really can’t wait to use it ‘for real’. I really want to see some of the new compiz effects. I’m also glad you are taking some time, because the KDE 4.0 packages for Kubuntu did seem a bit rushed. So keep ’em nice and polished, no matter how long it takes!

  • Chrisrock

    i confirm JJs posting. I doesn’t matter how much time it takes – it’s more important that everything is as good as possible (for a beta release).
    So take your time and make it shiny πŸ™‚

    Futhermore – it’s summer dude. Nobody should be angry if it takes more time than usual πŸ˜‰

    However – thanks for your hard work!

  • sysitos

    Hi nixternal,

    you use the packages from intrepid? Does this mean, that for the new Kubuntu the KDE4.1 is already ready and usable?

    Btw, thanks for your work.

  • Capoeira

    cant wait for it. 4.0 on Kubuntu is the shit. take your time to make good packages

  • A.A.

    hey Nix,
    Keep up the good work! I ‘m looking forward to the release, cause 4.0 is as unstable as shit. I hope 4.1 is better, cause I ‘m using Gnome on Kubuntu right now and that’s shit too, lol(I won’t install KDE 3.5.9, I want the new one :D)

    Greets A.A.

    P.S. Take your time to make a stable package

  • arcl

    Thank you for your hard work.
    I cannot wait for upgrade now as KDE4.1 is so attractive. Whatever I will wait.

  • protomank

    @chrisrock: Futhermore – it’s summer dude. Nobody should be angry if it takes more time than usual πŸ˜‰

    Maybe us, that live in south hemisphere?
    At least today we have sun after a rainy week, but it’s 6.8ΒΊC out there.

    But I’m glad I do like cold days (with sun), and I do know how to wait for packages.
    But, anyway, is there a nice way to build kde4 from svn like there was with kde3 using konstruct?

  • @protomank: There’s a tool called kdesvn-build that might help you:

  • Marco Milone

    I cant wait!!!

    Ok, I can πŸ˜‰

    Today I broken my kde4 installation I don’t know how πŸ˜€
    Adept-notifier asked me to update many packages (kdm-kde4 and many others…)
    And now I’m writing on the old 3.5.9… πŸ™

    Do it, I’m waiting to come back to kde4!

  • Capoeira

    many headaches with 4.0.

  • Manny

    Any new updates?

    Really wasting time pressing refresh on this page all day long. πŸ˜€


  • Capoeira

    lol…me too @Manny ahahahahah – i subscribed to the rss-feed but i want to see new comments.

    btw: why is indicated that i use “Mozilla Firefox”? I use Swiftfox 3.4pre

  • bob

    Any updates?
    I have been refreshing near constantly for the past 2 days, even tried building 4.1 beta 1 packages by hand, but it ended ugly with me having to install strigi and akonadi from the package, along with several build errors.

    however, do take your time and thanks for all the hard work

  • Marco Milone

    What can I say… For me is the same Manny πŸ˜€

    I’m keeping up this page while working and giving an eye sometimes… πŸ˜€

  • blueget

    I’m also waiting impatiently for 4.1 Beta 1 Packages, I think it’s really too risky just to take the Debian Experimental Packages…

  • ragnar

    hmm, still no packages for kubuntu … why are the suse guys usually so much faster in producing packages? is it the lack of people working on kubuntu?

    anyway, i’m eagerly waiting for the result ..

  • Gunni

    Just like me … i am dying from anticipation, just looking here and to quite often.
    But dont hurry because of us.

  • Capoeira

    only now that i realized that there is a comments-rss-feed. use Akregator or other and dont need to refresh all the time


    I am currently working out some kinks with the kdebase (kdebase, runtime, workspace) packages due to new applications introduced in the KDE 4.1 branch. Once these are golden and allow updates to go smoothly without having to dpkg –force stuff, I will finish up the other kde* modules which hopefully will not be to bad. I did not realize the amount of changes between the 4.0.x branch and the 4.1 branch until this weekend. I have also been taking some breaks to go out and enjoy the wonderful weather we are having here in Chicago.

    Just as soon as I have the packages ready for everyone, I will let you know loud and clear. I really do appreciate everyone’s patience, as I know you have been waiting for these. Some of the people who are testing the currently somewhat broken packages are enjoying the wobbly windows, the tabs in dolphin, and the new krunner πŸ™‚ Soon, you all will be able to enjoy these too πŸ™‚

    Just so you know, the kdeplasmoids package has yet to be introduced to the 4.1 Beta releases, however this release I am packaging will have the KDEPIM suite (kontact, kmail, korganizer, and more!).

    Thanks again everyone!

  • Jonas

    As someone who is completely clueless in how to create debs, am I correct in thinking that once beta-2, or the first RC for that matter, is available (whenever that may be) the process should be easier and speedier since well, the changes between beta-1 and beta-2 will be far fewer and thus fewer kinks/changes to sort out?

  • Lunarcloud

    That makes actually, a lot of sense, since it should simply be bug fixes, not additions/subtractions/changes.

    Nixternal, thank you for doing these, 4.1 is when I’m going to start promoting Linux again. I stopped promoting it after 4.0 came out because 3.5 was lackluster to me and 4 wasnt evolved yet.

  • Hardon


    Please keep the KDevelop package in mind, as mentioned before πŸ˜‰


  • Marco Milone

    Atm I’m having big problems with kdm-kde4:
    /kdm-kde4_4%3a4.0.80-0ubuntu1~hardy1~ppa7_i386.deb (–unpack):
    try to overwrite `/usr/share/man/man5/kdm.options.5.gz’, that is in “kdm” package…
    Someone have the same problem? Or a link to go to?

    Keep up with the good work!
    Can you wonder WHEN we can have it? Really I want to use it sooo much! πŸ˜€
    Thank for the update…
    Cyu tomorrow morning! πŸ˜‰

  • Yes, the base packages are in the ~kubuntu-members-kde4 PPA, HOWEVER…

    The current state of these packages have the potential to make you cuss me like a trucker who just cut you off and slowed down to a crawl. There is the potential of data loss, crashed systems, and an occasional f-bomb.

    The base packages will be completed within the next few hours. If you aren’t afraid of the possibility of some system breakage, or have a box you can test on, then go ahead and add the following to your /etc/apt/sources.list

    deb hardy main

    NOTE: The other KDE modules (kdegraphics, kdemultimedia, kdenetwork, and such) are not complete, and have yet to be started. A lot of work has gone into getting all of the KDE 4.1 Beta 1 package dependencies completed as well as attempting to perfect kdelibs, kdepimlibs, kdebase-runtime, kdebase-workspace, and kdebase so they didn’t destroy to much when updating.

    I would recommend that you join #kubuntu-kde4 on IRC if you need to discuss the packages or seek help, or better yet, provide me information to any borkage the updates may have done.


    I still plan on a new blog post as well as updating as soon as everything is complete. As it stands, if you are a little faint of heart, then I would recommend that you do not attempt the update at this time as there may still be some bugs here or there with the packages. Thanks!

  • Trip

    Hi Nix,

    Things installed well. Used the following two commands:
    aptitude install kubuntu-kde4-desktop
    aptitude dist-upgrade

    Thanks for the fine work, will check the beta1 after I get back from work…

  • OK, the base packages seemed to have settled now after we (#kubuntu-kde4) worked out some kinks. Nobodies animals were harmed in the making of these packages, just a few hairs. As for the rest of the KDE applications, I will continue working on them the next day or so and get them all wrapped up. Those shouldn’t take nearly as long as the base packages did to get worked out.

    One thing I had, that others didn’t, was I renamed my ~/.kde4 to oldkde4 and restarted x in order for the category icons under the menu -> applications to show up.

    Right now I am writing this response from KDE 4.1 Beta 1 on Kubuntu Hardy. I will not do an official announcement until everything is complete (probably a Tuesday time frame).

    I really do appreciate everyone’s patience. With these packages, if you notice anything crazy that can be fixed, either leave a message here, #kubuntu-kde4, or pop me an email at ‘nixternal AT kubuntu DOT org’. Thanks again everyone and I hope soon you will all be enjoying these beta packages.

    The good thing about rolling these packages out and taking my time with them, when the next betas roll out, and the official KDE 4.1, it will only take a day to do the updated packages πŸ™‚

  • sysitos

    Hi nixternal,

    is there some kind of gpg key to authentificate your KDE4.1 repository?

    Thanks for your great work. I hope, that Konqueror und KDE4.1 is usable again (and all the other glitches form KDE4.0 are gone πŸ˜‰ )

  • jbernardo

    I tried to remove .kde4 and still have ? instead of icons. Also, some things are mixed up – firefox now defaults to firefox2, konversation is missing from the menus, etc. I also still have all the extragear stuff in the “add elements” desktop plasma menu, even though that package is still to be updated and was removed when I installed your packages.

  • Marco Milone

    Ok I’m trying it! πŸ˜€

    Thx so much for the work!

    -Plasmoids Notes and Picture Frame are broken:
    “invalid applet description”

    -the systray have some (little) problems…

    -kde4.1beta is much faster then previous, I think to mean kwin… πŸ˜€

    -plasmoids still need some improvements

  • julian

    Are the kdepim (kontact, kmail, …) packages already included? – I can only find the kdepimlibs, but not the apps itself?

  • Bart Swennen

    The biggest difference between kde 4.04 and this 4.1 beta is speed!
    Where window dragging or desktop-icon draggin was slow on my 8600m gt with
    nvidia 169 driver installed, in this beta it flies!
    Good job! I hope to get back to KDE in a few days after having GNOME for 6 months.

  • Capoeira

    I get an error-message for kwin-kde4:
    dependencies not found:
    libkwineffects1 (>= 4:4.0.80)

  • Capoeira

    i installed the to dependencies but still same error-message for install kwin-kde4
    do i have t uninstall kwin? why do i have the kwin package – does kwin-kde4 still require kwin?

  • Manny

    Julian : “As for the rest of the KDE applications, I will continue working on them the next day or so and get them all wrapped up. Those shouldn’t take nearly as long as the base packages did to get worked out.”

    Capoeira: According to adept I’ve not kwin-kde4 installed. All I did was like Trip suggested and it worked for me.

    The 4.1b is really nice, some small glitches but very fun.

    The (so far) only biggie I’ve encountered is that my keyboard shortcuts have gone missing. Not even Alt+F2 works after I tried to set some new values.


  • bigolewannabe

    I’m not clear on this. Will it overwrite my kde 3.5.9 install or will it still install alongside it like 4.0.X?
    I’m all for running the latest and greatest, but $WIFE isn’t.

  • Paul

    I’ve installed it, and it’s great. I have a question though.

    When I go to desktop settigns, and try to install new themes (the “Get Hot New Stuff” thing or whatever it’s called) there are no sources for me to download them from.

    Is this not working in this Beta yet, or do I have to add them somehow? If so, is there instructions anywhere?

  • KDevUser

    Hi, thx for the 4.1 beta repository.. but can you

    please please please please with sugar on top put KDevelop 4.0 (alpha2 or svn) in this repos too?


  • Lunarcloud

    Get hot new stuff isn’t working entirely yet.

    And yes, it will install along side your kde 3.5 not instead of it. just dont install kdm-kde4 and you shouldnt have any problems with $WIFE noticing anythings changed.

  • Capoeira

    thanks Manny. i had installed the packages via complete upgrade in adept.

    works fine BUT HELP: My SYSTEM-TRAY has gone. and its gone from the “add widgets” too. is this a package? couldnt find it. help please.

  • juvinious

    Installed from deb hardy main but don’t have a kde4 session showing up in kdm. I tried using the old 4.0 method, but there exists no kde.desktop in /usr/lib/kde4/share/kde4/apps/kdm/sessions it has a kde-safe.desktop however.
    Any ideas?


  • Dorin

    @Paul: I just removed kde 4.0.4 and then installed nixternal’s 4.1 beta packages and I can install plasma themes using GHNS.. so it apparently works in this beta.

  • Capoeira

    the system-tray is there but it doesnt show any icons

  • @sysitos: Launchpad PPA’s are not authenticated.

  • Paul


    Well it crashes for me whenever I try use GHNS for anything

  • Paul

    Correction, once I stopped downloading stuff on KTorrent it stopped crashing, maybe KTorrent was using my bandwidth and GHNS doesn’t take it very well?

  • @Paul – maybe KTorrent was using my bandwidth and GHNS doesn’t take it very well?

    If that is what’s happening, it’s the case to fill a bug report. πŸ™‚

  • vicko

    Preparando para reemplazar kdebase-runtime-data-common 4:4.0.4-0ubuntu1~hardy1 (usando …/kdebase-runtime-data-common_4%3a4.0.80-0ubuntu1~hardy1~ppa4_all.deb) …
    Desempaquetando el reemplazo de kdebase-runtime-data-common …
    dpkg: error al procesar /var/cache/apt/archives/kdebase-runtime-data-common_4%3a4.0.80-0ubuntu1~hardy1~ppa4_all.deb (–unpack):
    intentando sobreescribir `/usr/lib/kde4/share/desktop-directories/’, que estΓ‘ tambiΓ©n en el paquete kdebase-workspace-data
    Preparando para reemplazar libphonon-dev 4:4.0.4-0ubuntu1~hardy1 (usando …/libphonon-dev_4%3a4.0.80-0ubuntu1~hardy1~ppa2_i386.deb) …
    Error al actualizar

    Desempaquetando el reemplazo de libphonon-dev …
    dpkg: error al procesar /var/cache/apt/archives/libphonon-dev_4%3a4.0.80-0ubuntu1~hardy1~ppa2_i386.deb (–unpack):
    intentando sobreescribir `/usr/lib/kde4/include/KDE/Phonon/BackendInterface’, que estΓ‘ tambiΓ©n en el paquete kdelibs5-dev
    Se encontraron errores al procesar:
    E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)

  • Capoeira

    fuck –
    I reseted plasma with: kquitapp plasma; rm $KDEHOME/share/config/plasma-appletsrc; plasma
    I reseted KDE4 with: rm -rf ~/.kde4
    and still no icons in system-tray or notification-area or task-bar or what you call it.
    ANYBODY can help?

  • Jonas

    Well, just wanted to say a big thanks! First impression: everything runs a LOT faster.

    It’s not without problems though, but that’s to be expected of a beta.

    First, I ran into the same problem as Vicko and I had to use every trick I know about how apt works to get everything to install. I can not rule out that’s why I have some of my problems since I’m no expert in the finer apt-details.

    Well, onto the problems…to hear if anyone else has noticed the same things. Note: I moved my old .kde4 directory out of the way. Not at first, but I did since some stuff in there (not sure what) made 4.1 to behave very oddly. Worked a lot better after that but the following problems remained.

    1. If I add a panel to the top, it blocks the plasma-toolbox cashew or whatever it is called. I don’t think it is supposed to do that…at least it doesn’t in my kde4daily vbox image. There, the cashew is “pushed down” to make room for the panel.
    2. Another plasma and cashew issue…even with the widgets locked, the “Add widget” choice is present – although not when you right-click on the desktop.
    3. The gtk-qt-engine does not work anymore.
    4. The “Get new theme” sort-of works…sort of meaning that I get the previews and download it. At least I get a status bar claiming so…but it cannot be applied. If I download one manually and install it in ~/.kde4/share/apps/desktoptheme/ I can use one (although I have to log out and in again for it to take effect).
    5. Kwin’s composite does not agree with my setup. I can set it up and use it alright, but it complains that it crashes on login (although still functional…go figure). Apart from that, I get some really odd graphical glitches with it turned on that I didn’t get in 4.0.4. Finally, with it turned on my bottom-panel tend to forget how I want it to be…that is, say that I’ve set it to be 80 % width and centered. On next login it could be left-aligned.

    Other than that, I haven’t found any major problems during my admittedly so far rather limited time to explore everything new.

  • Paul

    @Jonas; I experience the first 2, I don’t use gtk-qt-engine so I can’t comment on 3.

    Get New Theme works for me (after cancelling KTorrent downloads as said before, otherwise crashes)

    And compositing effects never worked for me, even on 4.0.4, I checked the enable desktop effects button and nothing happened, everything continues functioning as it always did, none of the effect I selected ever had any effect.

  • sysitos

    @Jonas, have a look at adept, there is a new package for kde4 and gtk (called gtk-kde4), does similar things like the old gtk-qt-engine. My question, does we need both? Or is one obsolete?

    I use my old .kde directory, tried first with new configs, but there are no differences, beside my fine tuned settings πŸ˜‰

    One little trouble, klipper does crash from time to time, (if I use the actions to open html files in firefox or konqueror). But this is only a small drawback to the great step forward compared to the old kde4.0.

    btw, okular isn’t able to print to local printers (as it was in kde4.0 with new qt4.4), printer shows up, but it only prints to local file not to the connected printer πŸ™ (There is a bugreport in launchpad too)

    Compositing is fine now and kwin doesn’t eat my memory anymore. Good work. Tab switching effect is now really cool πŸ˜‰

  • lerrup

    I’m trying to upgrade from hardy 4.0 and it won’t upgrade kwin4 because of dependency stuff. any one else found a way round this?

  • GameOver

    I cant update my kde 4 πŸ™

    please see the below errors

    WARNING: The following packages cannot be authenticated!
    kdebase-runtime-data-common kdebase-workspace-bin kdebase-workspace-data libplasma2 kdebase-workspace-libs4+5
    Install these packages without verification [y/N]? y
    (Reading database … 131812 files and directories currently installed.)
    Preparing to replace kdebase-runtime-data-common 4:4.0.4-0ubuntu1~hardy1 (using …/kdebase-runtime-data-common_4%3a4.0.80-0ubuntu1~hardy1~ppa4_all.deb) …
    Unpacking replacement kdebase-runtime-data-common …
    dpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/kdebase-runtime-data-common_4%3a4.0.80-0ubuntu1~hardy1~ppa4_all.deb (–unpack):
    trying to overwrite `/usr/lib/kde4/share/desktop-directories/’, which is also in package kdebase-workspace-data
    Errors were encountered while processing:
    E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)

  • LONA

    I have installed KDE 4.1 Beta beside my “old” KDE 3.5.9 simply trough Adept Manager:

    Install kubuntu-kde4-desktop > Full Upgrade > Apply changes

    It`s working great after I had delete my totally forgotten .kde4-dir from a previous KDE 4.0.x Install. After install was done Adept Manager displays I dont have kwin4 installed *shock* , but that must be an mistake, because I can start KDE 4.1 Beta without any problems.

    The only thing I don’t like is that I can`t change Plasma-Themes on-the-fly. Only after a logout/login the Plasma-Theme were applied.

    THX for your hard work on these packages ! This is so much better than the boring KDE 4.0.x Stuff!

  • Capoeira

    i solved my problem with the tray installing “kdebase-workspace”, dont now why it wasnt installed.

    btw: brandnew packages available

  • Capoeira

    @lerrup & Lona
    u mean kwin4 or kwin-kde4?
    i am not able to install kwin-kde4.

  • Just so everyone knows, kwin (kwin-kde4 to be exact) has been replaced by kde-window-manager package, so that is why it doesn’t look like kwin is installed. KWin is there in software form, but the package name is just different.

    Also, get more wallpapers by installing kdebase-workspace-wallpapers. I have recently added it as a Recommend so it should get installed from now on.

    There seems to be a bit of a PPA hiccup going on with building, but it seems to have straightened out at this time. I have already uploaded updated packages for kdegames, kdemultimedia, and soon to be kdesdk and the gtk-qt-engine-kde4 that will fix some of the GTK crashes many are seeing (at least I hope it does, all I am really doing is rebuilding it against the new updated 4.1 packages).

    Building continues, so I will provide updates when I remember to πŸ™‚ You are free to join #kubuntu-kde4 on IRC and discuss these packages with others. Many are helping out with debugging as we go along, because if it works on my machine, doesn’t mean it will work everytime on everyone elses.

    As for kdevelop, I have been planning on putting up kdevplatform and kdevelop packages, so if everything works out, I should have a build of those this week sometime. They are last on the list right now, but that list is definitely shrinking. Thanks again everyone!

  • Capoeira

    @ nixternal or other who can respond
    just for understanding (i am still newbee in Linux): if kwin was replaced, why there is a kwin-kde4 package? and why did Kubuntu install kwin (the old one)? can i remove kwin?

  • Paul

    @capoeira, that kwin-kde4 package is for KDE4.0.4 which is still default in Kubuntu, it’s not part of this repository

  • Capoeira

    thanks, now i understand

  • Capoeira

    now my system-settings crashes all the time.
    my panel-configuration, wallpaper arent stored – when i restart it all goes back to default

  • Jonas

    @Sysitos and Nixternal,

    I tried that gtk-kde4 package and couldn’t get it to work for some reason. Doesn’t matter though…removing a few gtkrc files, purging gtk-qt-engine and the gtk apps blend in well again. So it seems a recompile of it is not necessary after all…but doesn’t hurt I suppose. And no, I don’t think both are necessary. Whether one is obsolete or not is another question though…

    Managed to get my old .kde to (mostly) work as it should again, and the compositing too (except taskbar thumbnails for some reason). Maybe it was the next batch of updates that did the trick.

    Now I only need to figure out why phonon erroneously thinks I have two soundcards…and one is defect. Which is really weird since I only have one…oh, and why some system-settings module (service manager for example) insist on just closing the system settings window.

    Still, the few glitches I’ve run into are minor compared to the stuff that has been added or fixed since the 4.0.x series!

  • a.tom

    @nixternal: Thank you, and keep up the good work, we are all very keen on seeing the official upgrade packages.

    @Capoeira: I haven’t installed the beta yet, so this is just a guess: are the permissions OK of your settings directory?

  • sysitos

    @Jonas: same glitches here πŸ˜‰
    The taskbar problem (no thumbnails at all, settings for thumbnails are cleared, no matter if compositing is on or off) does occur even for new users.
    The phonon problem could result from my installed pulse audio, maybe pulse audio does start up to late.

    Question: Is there a way to arrange the widgets within the panel? I ‘ve seen it on OpenSuse some time ago, but now there is no way to move the widgets πŸ™

    @nixternal: The PIM KDE4 stuff will come too? This would be really great.

  • sigma

    I installed 4.1 and it worked but dragging windows and the whole desktop experience was very laggy on my nvidia 6600gt and nvidia-glx installed from the repo – this is not a problem on 4.0.3 and desktop effects were disabled. I think there may be a problem with the new qt version or the API’s. Things work a bit better with the oss “nv” driver but this shouldn’t be the case – the proprietory driver has and should always outperform the oss variant in its current form. is there a fix for this issue? i dont see anyone else with this problem

  • origin

    @sigma: I’ve also noticed this issue, but i’m using the ATI fglrx driver on an R580 (x1900) card. 4.0.x worked great with both the oss driver and proprietory driver, but 4.1 shows extremely slow window dragging and re-painting.

  • Capoeira

    @ a.tom
    i have rwx-permission for all folders in home

    i have 2 soundcards too now: At startup always says: soundcard-x doesnt work – using soundcard-x instead!!!

  • infinity

    @sigma, @ origin

    same here, with nvidia-glx on 8800gts. No problems with 4.0.x but performance issues with 4.1beta

  • Paul


    I only have one sound card and that happens, it says something like “Cannot open X for playback, falling back to X”, and works fine, with no sound problems.

    In sound settings in system-settings it lists the same sound card twice, with the first one greyed out

  • Manny

    A temporary soundcard solution that worked here:
    Move the inactive (grey) choice below the active in the settings.


  • Capoeira

    exact the same that happens here
    and i cant even remove the greyed sondcard in systemsettings.
    but even if i could – my systemsettings alway chnge to default on restart….

  • sigma

    @infinity , @origin

    if you note in nixternals latest comment above, kwin was replaced by the kde-window-manager package, even though its the same software perhaps whatever makes our proprietory drivers run smoothly was not ported above – should we file a bug about this? maybe they are aware of it and will only add this functionality in time for the release for some reason

  • Hey, I’ve installed the packages and everything is perfect except one thing, KWin doesn’t have animations when minimizing windows to taskbar, but it does have them when restoring, is that normal.

    Thanks for your effort!!

  • Jonas

    Okay, the phonon problem was easily solved.

    Open konsole and do:

    mv .kde4/share/config/phonondevicesrc ~

    Close konsole, logout and in again and the annoying
    “Cannot open X for playback, falling back to X” is gone.

    And speaking of multimedia…is Dragon Player acting up a bit for anyone but me? That is, starts playing with the movie in a thumbnail mode (and really tiny thumbnail at that)…plays fine otherwise and if I resize the window or move into fullscreen mode the movie is fine.

  • Paul

    @Jonas: Yeah the dragon player thing works for me, it always has the screen way too wide, and almost no height. so all I can see is a little blob of colour in the centre of a horizontal black strip.

    It happened to a lesser extent in KDE 4.0.4, where it was watchable, but it was always too wide (or not tall enough, whichever). They need to just have it work the way most others do, by default it’s the exact height and width of the video (can easily be changes to double or half-sized as well as resized freely).

    I also find that whenever I unpause the video it reverts to this size, which is very annoying.

  • Paul

    Is the kmail package for KDE4 out? I would assume it’s part of Kontact and would be out, if so, is it called “kmail-kde4”?

  • Jonas


    I think that moving-the-applets thing in Suse was something they developed, and which may not have been integrated in the main kde-sources yet. Still, it was rather cumbersome to use IIRC.

    The only way I know of how to move them is to:

    1. Remove it from the panel.
    2. Add it again, and drag-and-drop it to where on the panel you want it.

  • Luke

    Does anyone else experience a crash if you right click in dolphin not on files?

  • Luke

    Seems that dolphin/konqueror wants to crash if i try to create a new folder. Very not cool.

  • @Luke: I’m experiencing the dolphin crash when clicking the right button not on files too.

    See ya!

  • xaviera

    Didn’t someone mention tuesday here … ?

  • sysitos

    @Luke and osoh: no problem here with dolphin/konqueror. Maybe it helps to remove the config files of doplhin (~/.kde4/share/config/dolphinrc and konquerorrc).

    But it seems, that kopete-otr is broken πŸ™

    PS: Desktop theme Glassified looks really good. πŸ˜‰

  • sysitos

    @nixternal: Thanks for your work. KGet is working again.

  • @sysitos: I’m starting with a “blank” kde 4 configuration (no .kde4 directory at startup).

    I’ll try to do some research this weekend.


  • @sysitos:
    kopete in 4.1 beta has otr included. So you can safely remove kopete-kde4-otr or so.

  • Trip

    I moved my old .kde to .kde.old. Installed the packages and logged in. I then moved back my .kde.old to .kde.

    After my next login, this destroyed everything in my .kde directory πŸ™

    It’s not too bad, I was warned, but maybe a hint for others: if you want to be very sure, use COPY not move.

  • sysitos

    @floyd: Kopete with otr, thats fine (and neccessary πŸ™ ) Thanks for the info.

    @Trip: misspelling or do you really mean .kde (KDE4 uses .kde4)?

  • jack

    4.0.5 will be released today.Is it going to be released for Kubuntu along 4.1(whenever it will come out- hopefully)? Thanks

  • jack

    Looks like 4.1 has some significant diff vs. 4.0. Is it advisable to upgrade say 4.0.3 to 4.1 beta, or start fresh 4.1?

  • kamil1280


    I did fresh install of 4.1 beta thanks to nixternal repository. Dolphin, Konqueror, Konsole, Panel, Krunner, Wallpaper, Login/Logout, Window Settings and more do work without any problems.

  • Desland

    Thank you Nix and all your hard work contributing to linux noobs, like me, and experts, like you!
    I am forever in your debt. (I guess?)

  • LONA

    Dolphin makes huge problems on my KDE 4.1 Beta. On copy/paste & drag/drop Dolphin crashes immediately. What bothers me most is, when a crash happens, Dolphin every time go back to its default settings. That`s a real pain!

    But Dolphins new “copy to | move to” servicemenu is working great here! πŸ™‚

    In Kick-Off-Menu under the Programs-Tab are no icons, only “?” were displayed.

    Sometimes I have also still exactly the same plasma-graffic-errors that I had in kde 4.0.x & Qt4.3 too.

    I had hoped it goes away with Qt 4.4, unfortunately they are still there.

  • jack


    I might just do that. As you can see, I have been enjoying 4.1beta for a week now, and pretty awesome considering it’s Debian/experimental. OTOH bec. it’s experimental, I wanted to have a 2nd choice.

  • Trip

    @ sysitos: no misspelling on my side. I really can’t tell what happened. All I know: it’s gone. As you can see I was quick with my installation, so it might be that the first packages where broken…

    For the rest things are running fine now. Kopete doesn’t want to remember its passwords and doesn’t want to close. Some crashes, but most of the system is stable. I’m really enjoying the theme downloads etc.

  • Trip

    Skip that. Kopete does remember its passwords now! And it quits. The new packages have some improvements!!!

  • kamil1280


    I have been using Debian about one year before. I moved to Ubuntu then Kubuntu because of depedency problems in Debian. There is no easy way in Debian ( like for me ) to may use new software. Always, always, depedency problems…

    As Nixternal said, We should be waiting for KDE 4.1 Beta 2 only one day after release from KDE. It’s not bad… so You can switch immadiently to Kubuntu πŸ™‚

  • Capoeira

    I managed to change the systemsettings running it from Konsole.
    BUT my PLASMA crashes, all the time i enter the sreenresolutions-settings. after plasma crashes i can enter the screenresolutionsettings but when i try to change the frequency to 60Hz and hit apply it changes to AUTO all the time (75Hz) and my monitor has somtimes problems with more than 60Hz

  • stikonas

    ccmake is no longer distributed i cmake package (Debian still distributes it). Has it been forgotten?

  • Any gtk based app (Firefox, Thunderbird, Audacity, Gimp) either crashes on file dialog or on start, ever since upgrading. That’s the only issue I have had yet.

  • stikonas

    This is a problem of gtkqt style which craches. Change the style to some another.

  • Thanks! That worked… everything gtk looks ugly as sin now, but at least it works. I guess this is OT, but will that be fixed eventually?!

  • stikonas

    When I run kinfocenter there is no titlebar above the window. Can anybody reproduce it?

  • Capoeira

    ALT-F3 – advanced – 4th option

  • Daddi

    First of all thanks to Nixternal for its great work!

    I’ve a problem with Kopete: I don’t see the nickname of contacts and everything that’s written in chat windows…

  • kamil1280

    Thanks to Nixternal for his work

  • luis

    Thanks for bringing KDE4 to everyone πŸ™‚

  • luis

    I’m just loving KDE again… by by gnome… πŸ˜€

  • I tried KDE 4 since the alpha, i just installed this version, and i keep having the same problem: the desktop looks very bad, somehow the resolution is all screwed up. take a look at the screenshot:
    i have no idea what is wrong, kde 3 and gnome work perfectly. i have a nvidia 8600 gt with nvidia binary driver, set up for dual screen, running ubuntu hardy.

  • Capoeira

    @ lemn

    looks like a “zoom” of your desktop. must be other problem but try it out: click on the “jing and young”-like symbol in the upper-right corner and zoom in.

  • this is what happens when i zoom in:

    if i change the resolution to 1024×768, everything looks normal, but my native resolution is 1280×1024, so anything below that look awful.
    i tried changing the display setup to only one display, the same result.

  • I think i figured out what the problem is: i disabled the secondary screen, and now it works. well, sort of. it works until i enable the secondary screen from nvidia-settings. i don’t use xinerama, just the “separate x screen” options. so basically i have 2 screens in my xorg.conf. is there any way i can have dual screen working in kde4?

  • Capoeira

    new beta 2 is out

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