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Kubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala Beta Released: Everyone Needed!

Yes, I know I stole the idea of the title from Jono Bacon, however, unlike Ubuntu who supposedly only needs testers right now, Kubuntu needs all of you! Of course, quite a bit of the work left to do is testing and fixing, we can use many of you to show your support in #kubuntu, helping those who need it. Right now, all of the 9.10 support is in #ubuntu+1, so if you have any questions, or feel like helping others, head on over and check it out.

Interested in knowing what’s new with this latest release, check this out:

  • KDE 4.3.1
  • Kubuntu Netbook Technical Preview
  • Social From the Start (no more reason to not have any friends!)
  • KDE integration created by our very own Kubuntu developers!
  • Installer bling (I don’t use the Live Desktop installer, but this is so hot I just might have to!)
  • Amarok 2.2 RC (wait, and pretty soon you can update to the new Amarok 2.2 “Sunjammer”
  • and more…

Many of you may have heard about this Kubuntu Netbook thing and for once we are officially releasing and unofficial release. Does that make sense? I didn’t think so, as I just lost myself. Anyways, it is unofficial because we have been working very closely with upstream to bring the KDE Netbook environment to Kubuntu and KDE 4.3. You see, the netbook work upstream is all geared at KDE 4.4, which isn’t do out until February. The current version of the Kubuntu Netbook preview works fairly well, however there are still some annoyances here and there. I have been using it now for a couple of months on my netbook and I absolutely love it! Do I think it is the best netbook implementation right now? No, but I do see it being the best soon. KDE developers are working hard making sure to not waste space on such a small resolution, and they are also working on some really cool things for future releases with KDE 4.4. I can’t wait!

Also during the Karmic development cycle, a group of Kubuntu developers worked with developers from in order to bring you a groovy KDE 4 infused release. There are still some quirks being worked out, but I am sure they will be worked out before release. Though I don’t use, I have to say for once it looks good in KDE!

Installer bling, better known as Ubiquity, has had one hell of a make over. Roman, aka ‘shtylman’, has put some damn fine touches into the Live CD installer. I was really impressed with the work, and for once the installer was pleasing to the eye. Great job Roman and thanks for all of your great work!

Now, with all the good, there is of course a little bad yet, I mean it is still a beta release. One has to do with logging out back to KDM, which oddly enough doesn’t effect everyone. If you do get bit by this, you have to go out to the console by pressing Ctrl+Alt+F1. Once there simply login to the console and type sudo stop kdm, unless of course you want to shutdown, then it is just sudo shutdown -h now or sudo reboot. And yes, we know KPackageKit does not install software, which is comical yet sad at the same time. Who wants to install software anyways? Well, I am sure most of you who will give this release a try are probably pretty comfortable around the command line, so nothing an apt-get can’t fix for the time being.

We invite everyone to give the new beta a good running and help us test the release and fix the release. Yes I mean everyone, as input from people with various skill levels matter so much to us. So please, feel free to join us in any of the following IRC channels:

  • #kubuntu for support for all stable releases
  • #ubuntu+1 for support for the latest development release
  • #kubuntu-devel if you would like to contribute

Or you can visit us on our development mailing list or our support mailing list for more. Thanks everyone!

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  • Is this version also using his own KDE translations?

  • KDE user

    In your last blog comments it became clear that kubuntu shipps immature stuff, ships patches that are not good and generally pisses off upstream.

    So; this quote is just wierd;
    “it is unofficial because we have been working very closely with upstream
    to bring the KDE Netbook environment to Kubuntu and KDE 4.3”

    You are shipping something that is unreleased by upstream. How is this improving things?

  • Albert

    I am testing it right now and honestly I cannot believe that kubuntu karmic will be out in a month. The knetworkmanager is still not working with a wep connection after so many month that’s unbelievable. Happily nm-applet does not have any problem to connect.

    Good luck perhaps people will do test and bug report but I fed up by the behavior on launchpad so in my case I just quit and decide instead to test different distribution to find the one wich will be the best KDE packager. For now it’s a small distribution with less ressources than kubuntu are doing a far better job: pardus.

  • Antonio Martin

    You are absolutely insane!

    There, i got your attention. Now, the rest of the post i will be slightly more polite.

    How can you call something Beta if it doesn´t even install software with a GUI? Software installation has been a problem for Kubuntu for a long time now.

    Why don´t you use the work that Ubuntu already does in this area or ship synaptic or anything that can actually install software?

    You have lost track of the fact that Ubuntu was supposed to be “Linux for human beings”, which I take it to mean, that it was supposed to work out of the box for ordinary people and work relatively well.

    That, it doesn´t do, and by that measure, Kubuntu is a failure. Who cares if the installer is pretty if I can´t connect to a wifi AP or install a software pacakge?

    You need someone to set things straight at Kubuntu. Either that or give up and let someone else, Suse, Mandriva or even Debian do what you obviously don´t seem capable of doing, which is produce a non-buggy desktop distribution based on kde.

  • @afiestas – the translations at this time seem to be better than previous attempts, however I am not 100% sure on that.

    @KDE User – Technology Preview – what didn’t you understand about that? We are releasing it so people can see what the KDE Netbook experience is going to be like. How is this not improving things? If someone didn’t do it, only people who felt like building trunk would ever get to play with it, now that isn’t fair. With the Kubuntu Netbook preview, we are actually being assisted by upstream. If you look at who is developing the netbook stuff upstream, you can find them in the Kubuntu Netbook channel working with Kubuntu developers and vice-versa.

    @Albert – you and I are fed up with the behavior of LP. They, Canonical/Ubuntu are really pushing the use of ‘ubuntu-bug’ to file the reports since it collects a lot of information. This is great for a lot of things, but it seems like you already have a workflow similar to mine where you just work in LP. As for the knetworkmanager, I believe we are using the version that wstephenson told us to use, who is the upstream developer of all the NM stuff for KDE.

  • @Antonio – jeesh dude, calm down. KPackageKit isn’t installing right now, it is known, this is a beta release. Why don’t you come over to Kubuntu and set things straight? I mean you are so great at the constructive criticism, maybe you can lend a hand? Or, are you one of those that just complain and don’t do anything to help?

    I am seriously tired of the cheap shots. We know Kubuntu is not perfect, so we don’t go around acting like our shit don’t stink, unlike some of the other fanbois in the community. I use all these other distros that everyone talks about, and honestly I don’t see what all the hoopla is, but you don’t see my attacking them and being an asshole do you? Maybe I should be, maybe I should become a fanboi, stop contributing positivity to open source, and just start commenting on blogs about shit that don’t matter.

    Seriously, if all you are going to do is bitch about something, than be constructive, go elsewhere and do it. I don’t blog for hits, don’t have silly ads on my site, so I am not doing this to be a blog whore. I am trying to be productive in the open source community, something I have tried to do since 1993.

  • I was thinking about giving Kubuntu another try, despite being quite happy with OpenSUSE, but I love to have choices, and I’m happy to see these many nice KDE distributions out there.

    When I read the three comments above by KDE user, Albert, and Antonio Martin I was irritated, and decided almost decided to skip checking out Kubuntu for this time. But then, I noticed a fishy smell in these comments, and yes, these three different guys, KDE user, Albert, and Antonio Martin, seem to be all one and the same guy.

    Richard, you might be able to confirm that from your server log etc.

    Someone on a personal revenge mission?

    Well, I’ll ignore his comments and wait for real feedback, and test myself.

  • Albert

    Sorry Martin but I didn’t use multiply identity. You can test yourself personally I don’t care. I am on karmic since the second alpha and ALL the bug report I made are still open, confirmed but open. I have some doubt than in one month they will be closed! Take care and let a message after your own test.

    ps: I think that pardus is the only real kde distribution. Opensuse could be but I cannot try it with mono and their relation with microsoft I don’t have any confidence in them…

  • gp

    I think Kubuntu is a great KDE distro and I use it regularly.

    The three comments above by KDE user, Albert, and Antonio Martin are very irritant, vulgar, and excessive.

    But a bit of truth there is.

    I try to move a constructive criticism:

    1. KPackageKit is very immature and less user friendly because the normal users are very frustrated to see multiple results from a specific search. For example, if I search Gimp, KPackageKit returns multiple packages, what is the packages that the user must install?
    For power user the choose is easy but for normal user? I don’t think is easy for him!
    KPackageKit == Synaptic but KPackageKit != Software Center(or Add\Remove). The user wants install applications like in Software Center way.

    2. In KPackageKit is not easy and intuitive for normal user understand what is installed and not.

    3. Many packages in Kubuntu (i.e.: inkscape, gimp, …) have unnecessary Gnome dependencies (ie: policykit-gnome, etc..).

    Kubuntu is a great distro but is not very very out of the box but the way is right.

    I think if everyone works constructively we can made the best KDE distro ever.

    Thank you for your work (and sorry for my English).


  • Lets leave all the rabbling aside for a minute.

    Here is what I am enjoying so far, have been on kubuntu karmic for close to a month.

    1. Fast bootup time. I am an end user with no real programming knowledge, but whatever voodoo has been done here works, and it works well. Miles ahead of jaunty.

    2. Connections to the net: They work flawlessly for me. WEP and WPA connections are all humming along fine. I really have no idea why so many people are having trouble.

    3. Kde 4.3: perhaps this is just me but kde 4.3 seems a hell of a lot more solid on karmic than it did (though backport repo) in jaunty. (I have a machine running jaunty to compare.)

    4. Openoffice no longer looks like me at my middleschool dance: out of place, and awkward. whoever did this needs some pats on the back.

    5. The appearance tab in system setting has the gtk appearance dialogue by default. Hallelujah. I was getting to be a pain editing .gtkrc-kde4.

    6. New intel video driver, one that isn’t actively trying to murder my laptop. I am finally allowed to play flash video without the picture stopping 3 seconds.

    7. New Installer and firefox installer: shiny!

    Things that I don’t get:

    1. The additional incoming messaging plasmoid in the panel, I had no idea why I needed two indicator applets so I removed the extra one. I am sure there is a interesting reason for this, but I do not care, there is no way I am wasting valuable screen space of 2 indicator plasmoids. whatever this plasmoid does imo should be put into the default indicator plasmoid (the little ‘i’)

    2. I really don’t understand why ubuntu’s shiny new wallpapers were not included by default? I work on art stuff, and I actually think that some of those wallpapers were good. Minor minor quibble I suppose.

    3. New Installer and Firefox installer: why are these things not handled in a regular oxygenic window? I suppose I dislike having to sacrifice things for shiny stuff.

    4. Firefox installer: awesome! But this really adds NOTHING TO Firefox 🙁 , lets make Firefox installer also make firefox have kde associations, File dialogs, Mimetype handling, etc.. Opensuse has a good thing going here. I am not suggesting dethroning Konqeror , but let Firefox installer do as many of these things as possible :

    In conclusion, good job developers. Please make it clear how people like myself can help, other than testing.

  • @Saleel – ya, WEP and WPA work for me as well, as I just tried it today, and I don’t think I did anything whacky to get it to work either. I didn’t know about the Intel driver, that is good to know 🙂 I am lost with that incoming message thing as well, I don’t get it, so I removed it 🙂 The wallpapers are in ubuntu-wallpapers I think. I swore someone was working on the firefox/kde stuff that openSUSE did, but haven’t heard much of it yet. I hate Firefox with a passion, especially now that I figured out you can run user scripts in Chromium 🙂

  • molostoff

    I am already in 9.10b (I entirely wiped out vista from notebook, so there is only Kubuntu inside, AND NO FEAR for data loss), and can say – yes, Kubuntu is the near future for OSes which is coming onto our computers, please install and check – everything is ok! I am happy….

    definitely, as a freeware it needs community support!

  • Chmuilmastar

    Actually I really like Kubuntu but it’s really unnerving that I can’t install packages using KPackageKit, because it doesn’t get root privileges.
    I hope some fixes will be made really soon, because I don’t think everyone will use shell for installing.

    Firefox 3.5 has problems using https on my machine, so I use konqueror at present (still very slow).

    Let’s see how the release will be improved.

    Keep it up,

  • Ya, policykit is getting worked on now. I didn’t know about Firefox and https, as it works here, though I stopped using Firefox because I absolutely hate its bloatedness. Just made that word up 🙂 I have since switched over to Chromium daily builds and absolutely enjoy using it. It is fast, clean, and simple. So what if Google is collecting all of my clicks :p

  • Sir_Brizz

    I installed the beta today and love almost every aspect of it.

    It seems however that there is, once again, some problem with network manager connecting to a hidden wireless SSID? I have added one through the plasma applet, and nothing happened. Checked dmesg, no pulses or anything.

    I have an Atheros a928x wireless adapter in this laptop. I know it’s as likely related to this pile of heap as anything. However, I was able to connect to a broadcasting SSID with WPA-PSK.

    Is this a known bug? Should I open a bug report? What info should I provide??

  • Right, you might have to delete the wifi spots in networkmangler already. Yesterday at the Global Jam it was a hidden wireless network, and I figured I was screwed, but it worked.

  • Sir_Brizz

    I tried that… Unless I’m missing them somewhere…

    Noel Bergstrom had me open a new bug report which is here:

    I don’t know if you have any other ideas on what to try.

  • Sir_Brizz

    Sorry, I meant Noel Berman <– tired!

  • Sir_Brizz

    BERGMAN!!!! 🙁 sorry

  • HAHAHA! I will keep an eye on that report, more than likely though it is due to knetworkmanager or I am sure something may have gotten mucked up in the packaging possibly.

  • Rob

    I’ve been a long-time KDE fan but have been using gnome for the last 18 months or so because KDE 4 was such a disaster. I’ve just tried 4.3 and am happy to say that I’m going back to Kubuntu now. I find the current state of 9.10 acceptable for my purposes.

    I must say that I find KPackageKit is rather uninuitive. Making sense of what’s in the package list on the right is very hard. First thing I did was install Synaptic.

  • Sir_Brizz

    I don’t even use GUI tools for package management. I find them all a little too sloppy (yes, even Synaptic).

  • Tester

    1- Ubuntu Forked version with BASE installed does not list Thunderbird or other email contact lists as potential “easy to select on a menu” datasources (using the wizard). The non-forked version does. Kubuntu should drop the use of the Ubuntu forked version (that Novell is using too) and instead use the “REAL” version from the site. Novell has no interest in these other clients as they LOVE their Evolution (and it is packaged as part of their offering to manage email servers that Evolution works with so other email clients don’t fit into their business plan, so the forked version of OpenOffice that they have, and that Ubuntu installs, in the past has listed NO email clients, OR lists only Evolution (remember that Evolution and Novell has some MONO creeping into it per a past discussion on Groklaw about MONO and Novell, and Mono and Ubuntu – where folks don’t get why Ubuntu uses MONO apps atg all as that puts all their users into a .NET patent litigation threat as Ubuntu does not have a patent deal with Microsoft like Novell does). This is why Kubuntu is better for now vs Ubuntu (NO MONO in Kubuntu). Why not use the non-forked version of that offers much more once you add BASE to it for working with your contact list. Thunderbird with Sync Kolab that allows contact list and calendar storage up on IMAP server (google or other) makes it easy to move between different computers and test Linux installs without having to migrate all that stuff. K-mail if it had that same Sync Kolab feature (and would encrypt the contact lists and calendar data when stored on IMAP server would be ok too) – ONLY could add via a plazmoid a way to store actual data files on a choice of IMAP server or FTP location IF ENCRYPTED when put there. Encryption is important as you just don’t know who has root server rights and can browse around in your stuff when it is up “in the CLOUD”.

    2- Love Gwenview and recommend that you also use digiKam (only digiKam needs a photo timeline feature like the MONO SPOT phot manager in Ubuntu, and it would be good that digiKam be designed to receive all of the Ubuntu MONO SPOT photo managment files with a one click migration – other MONO apps should be something that are easy to migrate away from to a Kubuntu default app with NO MONO – then those Ubuntu users are no longer trapped in MONO apps that are legally risky to them due to the .NET Microsoft patent risk trap).

    3- FIREFOX needs to be installed by default. I know what the advantages of using the Kubuntu default browser is (if they money from Google), but when I tried to use the FireFox installer, it just was brokent and new users DON’T want to get into that mess of installing stuff right off the bat. Keep it simple (Firefox with all the add-ons and stuff is what folks are used to). Keep the other browser loaded with good links and stuff and people will try it out (forcing them to do it cold turkey and leave the browser that they love is asking too much).

    4- The Default menu is just to slow to use, and I don’t know anyone that likes it at all. Someone on a blog said to use the old KDE menu, or the Lancelot menu (don’t know what Lancelot is yet) instead? Since I do not know what Lancelot menu is, I right click on the K and get rid of the default one, and use the old one that is much quicker to use.

    5- K3b needs default settings so that verify on external dvd/cd writer will work vs hanging at the start of the verify – this is due to the way it comes from the repository (get this from the Ubuntu install too when choose to use K3b and NOT the Ubuntu disk writer tool that I do not like either).

    6- Editing menu needs to be something that is an admin tool that is easy for folks to find and do…

    7- NEED to have cups-pdf installed by default AND have the PDF files that are printed go to a PDF folder (not into documents). Option to print PDFs to folder in the encrypted file storage location at IMAP (like Sync Kolab) or FTP location as mentioned in #1 above.

    8- Have some developers help Sync Kolab MATURE (a rewrite is dicussed on that site) to have it do a transaction based “sync by date and time” of contact and calendar entries, where the NEWEST entry or file auto syncs (vs the confusing manual turn off sync to server etc found in the Sync Kolab buttons that Sync Kolab has now that are not doing data entry/edit date and time stamping of Address book or Calendar entries at all). This transaction based way to look at contact list changes per item, and calendar entry changes per item, would be like an audit log of those entries like they are independent transactions. Doing this would then allow for a way to easily sync to the free IMAP sevices or an FTP location in the cloud (google mail can do IMAP) and then you can be current with your needed data with any mobile device (or would be handy if testing a new distro where in a minute you are able to use that disto as a working device with everything again at your finger tips). Same “better and faster current data sync” could be done for the encrypted file storage in the cloud at IMAP or FTP location as part of the “feature add” mentioned before above… meaning that the file with the newests creation date when sync happens replaces (at the pop up option of course) the old file. This would be wonderful as then could sync easy between Kubuntu desktop system, and the Kubuntu netbook version, or other mobile device.

    Other stuff in time, but these are key for now.

  • I gave the beta a try and I must say am really looking forward to the final release. Cool things i noticed Konversation is back, OSD-Notify integration and the ability to choose it or the traditional kde-notify, kbluetooth now works (somewhat sending files to my phone worked) over all the release felt snappier and lighter compared to jaunty. and i love the qtcurve theme 🙂

    Things i felt could be improved on (and this are not kubuntu related) Kwin felt slow and somethings i get screen corruptions am sure the Intel graphic driver is been stabilized for release .. plus it would be nice to see ubuntu software center and xplash on kubuntu too

  • bmw

    Gotta say, the amount of bitching people do on the bleeding edge of things is not only astounding but utterly annoying. You folks have any idea what it took to bring a FREE and OPEN SOURCE project like this to bear? Geez, SuSE is owned by big company and RHEL is now Aquitity with a ‘let’s make money’ business plan. Damn, Microsoft has over 45 million shares at $25 each.

    Stop your whining like children. I’ve been using Kubuntu since before Dapper where I was just a Debian user with KDE. Have been through the worst of it but working with end-users that are scared to use anything else, Win Mac, really, Kubuntu work well enough out of the box to get them rolling on just email, web surfing and OpenOffice. That’s 90% of general users.

    So, really, you want to complain, go ahead, we’ll ignore you or try to entice you to come and make a difference in people’s lives which is the crux of the word, Ubuntu.

    One thing I can say about Ubuntu is being so far behind on the kernel updates. That has to stop. I know that stable vs. experimental, etc., but really, we are at the point where kernels are not showstoppers.

    Now, I have a Dell D600 that I updated to Karmic. For some reason, HAL lost sight of the touchpad and failed the start X. After fiddling with the new troubleshooting process and then could read the startup logs for X, I could see that. Obviously, this was a driver or lib missing. So, go to console, sudo apt-get update, sudo apt-get upgrade and Viola!, it’s back working.

    BTW, that troubleshooting process has to get more user friendly with regards to just workflow. I’ll try to put together a conceptual workflow that makes sense for the kids and elders I work with on Kubuntu.

    But, forge ahead. If Kubuntu can get Karmic really stable by the end of the year, it will surely help to even the playing field with Microsoft and Mac since Google Chrome OS will be released and surely to start a firestorm.

    Funny, how scared MS is that they made Office web-based now and released some of its source code as open-source. I feel the mortar crumbling. “Just another brick in the wall” –Pink Floyd

  • bmw

    Oh, and, I have never had any problems with wireless connection whatsover through all the versions. Don’t know where that is coming from.

    I can say that of the six machines all running Kubuntu same version, there does get a little slightly different here and there so really its about stability of hardware drivers. That is just research and painstaking, too, having to contact them, etc. Look at At least they have some drivers for nearly every printer. Even my office copying machine they have though I have to hack in the stapler function.

    Still it’s open source and I have the right to it.

  • Well, I tried it, but the installer crashed.

    Hopefully beta 2 will actually install.

  • Sir_Brizz

    bmw, the wireless issues have to do with the specific wireless card manufacturer, Atheros. Their driver is horrible.

  • Hmm, seems that is it impossible to leave a message here – Joe.

  • Hi Richard,

    I found you because of the uBlog in my newly installed Kubuntu 9.10 beta (in a VBox).

    Thank you for this great work on kubuntu. I was using Kubuntu since Dapper, but for a long time only as a secondary machine. Over the years I swichted more and more to Kubuntu (away from W*) and now I gonna make it to my primary workstation (for software development (embedded & desktop) and office work).
    One of my common problems is the misfunctional vpn support (I need to use pptp with mschapv2 to contact some of my customers). The network manager of Kubuntu 9.04 was terrible buggee regarding vpn setup and also misses pptp support (on Ubuntu 9.04, the vpn pptp mschapv2 works). I’m happy to see pptp with mschapv2 in Kubuntu 9.10 (the dialog looks a little like the one of Ubuntu 9.04), but i failed to make work.


  • … continued from previous message …

    I see my entry when I click the network symbol in the systray, but I don’t know what I have to do to establish this vpn connection. I’m unshure if this was a bug or a foolish of mine.
    I found no hint regarding this in wiki-kubuntu-org/KarmicKoala/Beta/Kubuntu.

    Should I place this to answers-launchpad-net/ubuntu ? It looks there like Ubuntu related things, but on Ubuntu 9.04 I’d make the vpn access work (but failed in Kubuntu).


  • Murchadh

    Bought an Acer Aspire One (Model ZG8 531), stuck Kubuntu 9.04 on it. Worked like a charm. Upgraded to 9.10b and still working like a charm. Wireless, bluetooth, suspend, etc. all good! Seems to take a while to get back to full throttle after suspend, but I really haven’t tried to tweak the settings (might be the wireless card, an atheros, taking a while to wake up) so I’m not gonna complain just yet.

    I spent ages deliberating on which machine to buy (was going for a Samsung NC10 or N110) that would run linux as that is what I run at home. Was afraid I’d spend time getting a distro to work, but Ubuntu 9.04 (not remix or netbook) worked out of the box; and with aptitude install kubuntu-desktop I had what I wanted. I think there was an issue with network-manager for the wireless, so I used wicd, but the updated network-manager is working fine.

    It might still be beta, but I love it. Keep up the great work guys!

  • Chad5ter

    I’m working on Gnome at the moment, but I installed Kubuntu Beta version and it looks great… Like a mix of Win7’s panel and SnowLeopard’s look. I just have 2 questions I would like to have a serious answer from “Nixternal”;

    1- Why most of KDE’s programs start with a “K” or have one? To know that’s KDE? Nah… Gay! (ie: Ubuntu have standard program’s names!)

    2- Why making it so beautiful over Powerful(buggy)? It’s Linux not Windows!

    But I like the way you express yourself! 🙂



  • Anon

    Can’t seem to find the way to customize the plazma menus on Kubuntu Netbook version at all and when I choose to install FireFox the Menu does not change and the FireFox install button stays the same (shouldn’t a FireFox button show up automatically, AND IF NOT, how do we customize the Kubuntu Netbook onscreen menu system/buttons?

  • Oh dear, I let it run the upgrade yesterday from 9.04 to 9.10 and have lost all access to KDE..,. Thank golly that I can still get into Gnome, but that leaves a lot to be desired…

    kde symptoms – well it appears to log in, flashes up the compiz screen and then just hangs… or to be precise, i can still see and move the mouse cursor but the screen is otherwise black and unfriendly. Has anyone else come across this? please help!



  • I left the comment above about KDE failure…

    I solved the problem by wiping K

    sudo apt-get remove kdebase-workspace-bin
    sudo apt-get install kdebase-workspace-bin

    so i’ve lost all my settings, upgraded a few other things but KDE is back in action. Shame i have to reconfigure all the jazz, but hey, i’m happy to have my K back…

    hugs from Sean

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