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Kubuntu Intrepid Dual Monitor Blinking

OK, so how many of you are trying out Kubuntu Intrepid with a second monitor which works somewhat, but constantly sits there and blinks on and off? If you answered “ya, mine does that” then this is what you need to do:

  1. Open up System Settings
  2. Go to the Advanced tab
  3. Select Service Manager
  4. Select Detecting RANDR (monitor) changes and stop the service
  5. Uncheck the box next to the previous step in order to prevent this service from starting up at login
  6. Apply everything and close out
  7. Enjoy the non-blinking external or 2nd display

Thanks to those of you who responded to bug #278471 for helping us out!

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  • I have the same issue on the eeepc with openSUSE11 and kde4.1.2 but there’s no RANDR service on the kde’s systemsettings! Anyway good to hear that is a known issue, so it will be fixed soon!

  • How are you liking openSUSE 11 thus far? I haven’t had the time to check it out but I have heard a lot of good about it. I gave Fedora 10 Beta 2 a try today and was really impressed by what I saw. It is awesome seeing all of the distros doing a good job with KDE 4.

  • Benoit St-André

    I did filed a bug around this issue here yesterday

    Main issue for me to file a separate bug report was to tag this as a regression, and something that is a bug not a solution.

    Having workaround is nice, correcting the problem is better (even if I can’t do it myself) 🙂

  • Royceybaby

    Yeh I have the same problem on my my Toshiba m400 running opensuse 11.

    I have a docking station with a 24″ monitor connected to it for when I am in the office.

    The only way I have found out to stop it blinking is to use the randr tray tool to disable the LVDS (laptop screen) output.

    This does mean that when I next use the laptop out of the docking station x comes up with a blank screen so I have to ctrl-alt-backspace twice to kill x and log back on.

    Hope it gets fixed soon.

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  • Thank you very much. You are my real hero. I was really desperated with this issue.

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  • fenidik

    Thanks!!!!!!!!! you help me so mutch

  • You Rock, thx.

  • Tasos

    Thanks mate.

  • Peter

    Acer Extensa 3100: even the internal LCD panel directly connected to the 915 blinks all the time. Disabling the KDE service solved that annoying issue.

  • Karthik

    I do not have a second monitor and I had this blinking problem. Thanks to you, it is solved now.

    Reached here thru:

  • Turns out the KRandR service is also responsible for video playback stutter and mouse jumps, see for my new bug report. At least on my i945 powered HP laptop.

  • Rafa Rios

    Thanks !!

    It does the trick !!

  • fixed and not for all.. hope it will be fixed soon.. very soon.. we have moved to Ubuntu!..

  • Alexey

    Hello, i’m use Asus A6500U with samsung monitor, after your recomendations my blinking doesn’t solved/ can you help me? thx

  • Alexey
  • alanjds

    Using Eeebuntu 2.0 (Intrepid) with Eeepc 701

  • Cody S.

    Thank you so much for this fix…I was tearing my hair out wondering what was going on. I’ve been trying to configure laptops with native linux for usage to SSH / manage servers for several employees. Everything was great with setting up and configuring a standard image…low and behold, once I loaded it onto a hard drive for an employee with a docked laptop this horrible “blinking” / “flickering” / whatever you want to call it problem emerged. I was throwing all kinds of over the top Xorg configurations and so on to try and fix the problem, when all said and done, this simple trick was the exact fix we needed haha. I knew it would end up being something really silly and inane, but I didnt expect it to be this basic.

    A handy note for others: You can just select to “kill” the process after unchecking it and applying settings and save a reboot for the immediate moment.

    So far so good – hopefully this is a permanent fix – thank you again!

  • Aimtots

    Thanks for this fix. Blinking was driving me mad.

  • Thanks!!

  • hai,
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  • looking solution for ubuntu. any suggestion??

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