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Howdy all, I am coming back at you with yet another question that I am hoping you all can answer. I am looking at purchasing a new KVM switch to update my old one. A couple of things I would like and actually prefer are:

  • Good Linux, Mac, and Windows support
  • USB support
  • Audio support
  • Good video support and wireless keyboard or mouse support, video is far more important here though, it isn’t major if I have to use a wired USB keyboard or mouse
  • I prefer a 4-port over a 2-port
  • Price…hopefully not to expensive. Under $100 USD if possible

THIS is the one I am currently looking at. It would fit nicely under an LCD and gives me pretty much everything I am looking for. If you know of one better than this one please do tell. I can actually get this one for about $70 brand new, $10 cheaper than Newegg. Now of course if there is a KVM manufacturer out there that would like to ship me one to review, I would be more than happy to do so, just email me at nixternal AT kubuntu DOT org :p Thanks everyone!

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  • Fabian Rodriguez

    One thing I’ d advise to check is the actual video resolution. I once got burned with a cheap KVM that would only do 1024×768! Not very useful with a 21″ widescreen, eh ? 🙂 USB speed too…

  • Ya, that one I am looking at will support the 23″ wide screen just nice…definitely supports its resolution and then some. What is this USB speed you talk of?

  • Wally Valters

    try this one … looks nice and does all you want :
    Belkin KVM

  • Jon Cooper

    I can highly recommend ATEN – they are great products (ok, a little pricey) but you do get what you pay for with KVMs.

    They have a wide range of 4 port KVMs that support USB/PS2/USB peripherals/Sound/etc.

    If you can’t find a local reseller, contact Aten direct – they’ve always been very friendly and helpful with me in the past.

  • @Wally: you can buy it for me :p That new Belkin looks OK, but I think that IOGEAR I have been eyeballing looks the best.

    @Jon: Thanks for showing me that Aten. Actually, I went through and did their little test to see which KVM would be best for me, and it told me to go with the Aten CS64U, which I have found at Directron for under $70, so that is good.

  • I’d like something similar, but with DVI connectors. Anybody have any recommendations in that regard?

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