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KDE 4.0 Release Counter

It is getting much closer now to the official release of KDE 4 and KDE’s very own Troy Unrau has put out a post titled Tagged!, where he details the tagging process being completed for KDE 4.

Please remember that 4.0.0 will have bugs, issues, the odd crash that results from a corner case that no developer has encountered as a use case before, and so forth. There will be frequent maintenance releases from the 4.0.x branch in the future that will rapidly shape up the 4.0.x line. In addition, some things, like major improvements to plasma, will likely only happen in trunk. Yeah, we know plasma doesn’t do as much as kicker, and you can’t create a new folder by right-clicking on the desktop… we aren’t done with 4.x though, so hold on to your panties for a few months and use KDE 3.5.x if that really bothers you.

I think quite a few of you already realize that this isn’t going to the glitz-and-glam release of what is to be known as KDE 4, but it is about as close as you will get to it until a later released of KDE 4.1 makes its way to us. My favorite quote concerning this is the following by Troy:

If you are the type of person that was bothered by Apache 2.0 not being as well tested as 1.x, and you weren’t the first to try using kernel 2.6.0 because your uptime was more important, please keep using KDE 3.5.8 for now. Bug and security fixes are still accepted against the 3.5.x branch, and a 3.5.9 release would not be unrealistic development in the future.

This is true, however I think you will be fine no matter your background playing around with Kubuntu’s LiveCDs as they start rolling out the door.

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