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My computer is cool

Well, following my previous post about my CPU cooler, I went out today and bought a Zalman CNPS9500 AT. It was regular $49.99 USD on sale for $39.99. I just finished installing it, with a bit of modding to the bracket that holds it to the mobo, and the temps are wonderful. The modding part I did was there are 2 tabs that stick out on 2 sides of the upper bracket, one of those tabs touched a capacitor which wouldn’t allow it to fit nicely, so I took my Dremel and buzzed that sucker off. Here are my temps, both before the Zalman and with the Zalman:

  • Old setup idle temp: 46°C
  • Old setup load temp: 78°C
  • Zalman idle temp: 30°C – 33°C
  • Zalman load temp: 39°C – 43°C

Much cooler than before, right now I am compiling some code, with -j2 to stress one core, and the temps are pretty much at 39°C, with -j4 then both cores are about 36°C. A heck of a lot better than that previous Mascool piece of garbage that cost about the same amount of money. Thanks to everyone who commented on the previous post.

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