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My KDE 4

Quick update for my buddies on campus (yes you two with the Apple laptops and the same Finding Nemo looking wallpaper) who keep saying that KDE 4.0 all looks the same. They didn’t believe me that there are already some KDE 4 Plasma themes out there already on KDE Look. Well, I am not using Aaron’s favorite theme, the Fluffy Bunny, but I am now using Ivan’s awesome Slim Glow theme. It works great with my black and white Chicago skyline wallpaper. Maybe some black and white Oxygen icons are what I need to top it all off, anyways, here is my clean KDE 4.0.1 desktop.

my kde 4.0 desktop

I can’t wait to see what all of your artists bring out next. I was really impressed during the last 5 or so years in seeing some really amazing artwork coming from the community, and I am sure it will not stop short with KDE 4.

PS: For you Yakuake lovers out there, let me just tell you about the beauty that is Yakuake and KDE 4.0.1. True transparency is super secksy with it! Rock on Eike! For you Kubuntu Hardy (8.04) users, Yakuake 2.9 Beta 1 is in the repos for you as well as KDE 4.0.1.

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  • Jonathan

    Hey I like your desktop. Can you tell me where you got your background?

    I can’t wait to see what the KDE artists will come up with for KDE 4. Its going to be amazing!

  • Sorry about that, I should have put where I got the wallpaper from. It is a site loaded with high resolution wide screen wallpapers. is where you can get the wallpaper and many others. They really have some beautiful photographs.

  • Nice desktop.

    I’m glad to hear (and see) that someone is using the Slim Glow theme (beside myself obviously 🙂 )

  • Nice shoot. I like it.

  • Pepiniyo

    Nice shoot. Any one with some windows opened?

  • student

    I’m sorry, but it’s too hard right now to install themes…

  • Ke bueno esta el wallpeper, y esta ruda tu pagina visita la mia.

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