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Need your help

I am currently updating the Kubuntu topic based help documentation and have a few questions I am hoping some of you can help me with. If you could, just leave a comment to this post. What I am looking for is the best guides you can think of for the following items:

  • NVidia GeForce graphics cards with 3D support
  • ATI Radeon graphics cards with 3D support
  • Getting Java to work with AMD64 systems (both Konqueror and Firefox if possible)
  • Getting Flash to work with AMD64 systems (both Konqueror and Firefox if possible)
  • Top wireless card drivers
  • Compiz Fusion

I would love if these guides:

  • were for Kubuntu Feisty or Gutsy
  • were the easiest and best routes for succeeding
  • were licensed with CC-by-SA

The reason I ask for such a request is that I am currently time strapped and I know some of you have done the above more than I have and probably have way more experience in doing so. Another thing, these items will make it into the Kubuntu documentation, so if you are interested in writing anyone of those sections listed above for Kubuntu Gutsy, you would be my hero. You can write them in plain text,, KOffice, LaTeX, or whatever you feel like. If you can write them up in DocBook/XML, well then you rock hardcore. If you decide to do some writing, here are just a couple of guidelines to make incorporating them much easier:

  • try to use GUI instructions for everything. I know at times it may be easier for a user to use the CLI, but we are writing these instructions for the newest of users.
  • if you include a screenshot, try to use 1024×768 display resolution with the default Kubuntu Gutsy theme would rock hardcore. PNG files preferred, no GIFs. If you don’t include a screenshot, no huge problem, as I should be able to follow the instructions and take the screenshots myself.

Thank you ahead of time for any help that you can offer. If there is a great guide that works for everybody, or damn close to everybody, then a link will work great.

If you are interested in Kubuntu, Ubuntu, Edubuntu, or Xubuntu documentation, please do not hesitate to contact the Ubuntu Documentation list at ubuntu-doc AT I know Edubuntu can use a lot of help, so if you are experienced in writing technical documentation, can read and write English decently (that is better than I can), know DocBook/XML, and know the distribution fairly well, then you can be a great help. Writing documentation is fairly easy actually, and is a great way to start contributing to free software projects. If you feel that you might have some time to review the current documentation, please email the list and let us know. There are many great people on the list who can direct you to where you can go to help out. Thanks again everyone!

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