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OpenWeek: Kubuntu Talk

Tomorrow, Tuesday the 23rd at 21:00 UTC, I will be giving a talk on Kubuntu in #ubuntu-classroom on IRC (Freenode). While working on the talk for tomorrow, I kept trying to word it to fit in with every body’s skill set. Anyways, for those of you showing up tomorrow, what type of background information would you like to see? Just toss out some ideas that I can work with. Thanks!

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  • Terence Simpson

    I know this will come up (and you probably do too), but you should set a small section (couple mins, maybe after the intro) to talk about KDE4. How it’s not particularly useful for users yet, how it won’t be in 8.10 LTS and how it’ll be community supported in releases before it’s pre-installed.
    A general “What is KDE” is always good, and “How is it different to Gnome”. Explaining the different design concept to Gnome (in light detail).
    Other than that, just keep pimping Kubuntu out ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Randall

    I hope that you’ll comment on some of the decisions made for 7.10. In particular, I’m thinking of Strigi and Dolphin. Strigi seems not ready for prime time, and I wonder why Kubuntu saw it as having advantages over Beagle. Dolphin seems much less robust than Konqueror, so why make the substitution?

    More generally, then, my point is that you might address the decision making process and its follow up. And what happens if the consensus is that the decision was wrong? How is input sought from the end user?

  • I think you should talk about KDE and how it influenced Kubuntu when Kubuntu was just a child. I would also reiterate that KDE has nothing to do with the KKK most of the time.

  • @ j1mc: you can’t hide man!

    @ Randall: man, you really want me to talk about that? Put it this way, I was the only one I think who did a -1 on the vote process. But I will see what I can find out. Actually Dolphin isn’t all that bad, but like you I much rather use Konqueror. Maybe tell people who want Konqi as default instead, how to go about doing so.

    @ Terrence: I figured I would end up talking about KDE4 because a lot of people are going to ask about it. And just so you know, KDE 4 is in Gutsy and will be in Hardy as well, just not by default. After Hardy, I am sure you can count on it by default. But with Hardy, I think our current plan is…oh, well I don’t want to let you know about that now, I will tell you tomorrow. Make sure you remind me to tell you the secret ๐Ÿ™‚

  • nixternal – yes! please talk about it. It needs addressed. I think Dolphin falls WAY short of what I need in a file manager.

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