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Want help installing Ubuntu?

If so, then make your way to the Ubuntu Chicago and College of DuPage Gutsy Release Party and Install Fest. It is now midnight here in Chicago and I have just finished burning a set of CDs for tomorrow. I used some LightScribe love on them, however I rushed the job. I used an Ubuntu label image I found online, but the Kubuntu, Xubuntu and Edubuntu ones I made. The Xubuntu one isn’t the greatest, only because I couldn’t do the logo like the rest, because of that pesky mouse in the middle, and the last time I checked, a CD was like a donut, it has a hole in the middle 🙂

Anyways, tomorrow from 10am until 4pm (CST) at the College of DuPage. 425 Fawell Blvd, Glen Ellyn, IL 60137. We will be in room SRC 1544, and as long as I don’t forget, I will put up some signage at the 2 main entrances. So if you don’t see a sign, you are in the wrong place, unless it is the roundish looking white building, then you are in the right place. Just come on down to the first floor and have some fun!

HERE are what the CDs look like after LightScribing them. Not the best, but they work 🙂

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  • Does Lightscribe work in Ubuntu now, or did you need to fire up that Other Operating System to burn them?

    Lightscribe + coloured CD-Rs look great!

  • I have used it in Linux before, but I have to honestly say, I used the “other” operating system because I was to lazy, or to crammed with stuff to do yesterday. Once the next couple of weeks calm down, I will go about getting it setup again in Linux.

  • T. Lord

    I think those look great, actually — where (besides “online” ;)) did you find the labels you used?

    The xubuntu one does look a little funny, but not bad — I think it would be improved by removing one of the ratwheels at the top or bottom and putting the “Xubuntu” label in the newly empty quarter …

    I hope when you set up lightscribe in Linux you detail the process in a post to be read at Planet Ubuntu — I might buy a lightscribe-capable burner for no other purpose. Impressions count (more than they should sometimes), and I can understand people being a bit leery of popping a CD labeled in chickenscratch sharpie into their precious Windows laptops based on promises that it will change their whole view of computing. (So would a CD full of viruses ;)).



  • Hey, so by tomorrow, did you mean the 21st or the 22nd? I stopped by today (22nd) and the room was empty. Was hopping for some help with my laptop (currently running 7.04, but not correctly). I was also interested in getting to meet other Ubuntu users.

  • Mike, Sunday was our day. Sorry that no one was there today. If you are a student at CoD, or maybe you are available while I am there and of course you live close, maybe I can lend a hand. Email me at nixternal AT kubuntu DOT org if it sounds feasible.

  • Here is the one video i took from the install fest.

  • thanks for the GREAT post! Very useful…

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