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I just finished setting up KDE 4 from SVN and have been messing around checking it out, and I must say it has gotten to the point where I am going to start running it full time on my desktop. This will allow me to not only follow development much more closely, but it will also allow me to start reporting the bugs I run across, and start fixing some of the bugs I have been seeing. My main project will definitely be KHelpCenter and the Docs and as my time starts to free up a bit more here, I am going to start hitting it a little heavier than I have in the past month or so. So as I go through and do my updates, I plan on documenting my griefs, my joys, and my updates as I roll along. For a parting gift, I will leave you with a quick screenshot of the current Kontact in KDE 4, Konsole running my Irssi screen, and a very addicting game called Knetwalk. Enjoy!


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  • Anon

    Argh, what have they done to the KNetWalk graphics? I hope there is an option to revert to the original graphics.

  • That was the first time I have played KNetWalk I think. Didn’t look to shabby. I noticed a couple of the intartubes got distorted after spinning them. All of the KDE Games have gone to SVG, so I don’t know what it used to be like. I will have to install it here and check it out.

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