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LoCo Teams

As some of you may know, I am currently working on a LoCo Directory that will eventually replace the LoCo Team List as it is a mess. The LoCo Directory will of course provide way more functionality in future releases. Right now what some of us have done is broken down the data in that […]

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Ubuntu Chicago GBJ – 5 Hours Into It

This is kicking some ass. Everyone is actually working quit hard on triaging and really fixing bugs. Totally impressed with the turnout tonight and I am really looking forward to tomorrow. Guess what, I finally get to meet the amazing Nathan Handler, the ultimate MOTU! I have some more pictures to share and more are […]

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Ubuntu Chicago Global Bug Jam Kicks Off

Everyone is settling in here at the Ubuntu Chicago Global Bug Jam and people are still showing up. It is 8:15PM here and more are on their way. It was beautiful, I walked in and was welcomed with my very own 12-pack of Chicago’s finest beer, Goose Island! Here are some picks! The crew! My […]

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