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Desktop Help Summit 2010 Pictures Available

Thanks to Silke “If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, then it’s a duck” McCance for taking pictures during the entire weekend and uploading them. The Official Pictures of the 2010 Desktop Help Summit.

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Desktop Help Summit 2010 Complete

What an amazing weekend! First off, I really want to thank the following people: Shaun “Is it Help? Hjelp? Yelp?” McCance – This entire event was his idea, his baby, and he pulled off one hell of an event. Thanks for showing off Mallard and Yelp. Kevin “Is my iPad here yet?” Harriss – The […]

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I will never bet again – day 1 with GNOME

Well, I lost a bet this week and the result was I had to use GNOME for 1 month. I could easily cheat, but I wanted to go through with it and see what I have “supposedly been missing.” Well after day 1, I have to admit that after listening to Jorge talk about the […]

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