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Kubuntu 0 – Ubuntu 0

Let me explain this briefly and why I am giving Kubuntu 1 and Ubuntu a 0 in this one aspect, which to me is very important, I mean very important! I have a xorg.conf configuration that is very simple, all I do is add a virtual config to it that states I want my desktop […]

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As a member of both the Ubuntu Documentation Project and the KDE Documentation Project, one thing is clear, our current state of system help isn’t the greatest. An initiative that the GNOME project has looked at taking on (for the greater part of the past 3 years) is called Project Mallard. There are some things […]

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Tasque'rade Party

No, not a masquerade party, but a Tasque’rade party! After hanging out with Jorge Castro and Joe Brockmeier last weekend at Penguicon, I was beat up with Gnome quite a bit. Being the groovy KDE dude that I am, I hung around and listened to their Gnome speak, and even sat in on Joe’s openSUSE […]

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