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Kubuntu 0 – Ubuntu 0

Let me explain this briefly and why I am giving Kubuntu 1 and Ubuntu a 0 in this one aspect, which to me is very important, I mean very important!

I have a xorg.conf configuration that is very simple, all I do is add a virtual config to it that states I want my desktop to be 3360×1050, as I have 2 monitors that are 1680×1050.

Now with this same exact xorg.conf, Kubuntu Intrepid works like a champ with utilizing the dual monitors in a non-mirroring mode. Ubuntu Intrepid on the other hand, well it is utter garbage with or without Compiz. With Compiz you get nastiness on the 2nd display, and without Compiz you get short changed 3/4 of the 2nd display.

My video card is:
00:02.1 Display controller: Intel Corporation Mobile GM965/GL960 Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 0c)

Other than this, I do enjoy the way Ubuntu Intrepid has shaped up, and the new wallpaper, oooh I like it! Unless someone can give me the groovyness I need with my dual monitor setup, it is back to my home in Kubuntu land (I told you Harald I wouldn’t be gone long).

EDIT: I have changed the title from Kubuntu 1 – Ubuntu 0 to what it is now. Why? They are both failing right now. In Kubuntu my external screen sits here and blinks, but it is usable. I fixed this issue last week and cannot remember how I did it. I get the following error in Xorg.log:
(EE) intel(0): Unable to write to SDVOCTRL_E for SDVOB Slave 0x70.

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