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My Quick Ohio Linux Fest Recap

What the hell happened?

First off, it was super cool meeting The following people at OLF:

Friday we got in and met Jorge Castro and Jono Bacon over at Jono’s hotel lobby for a few drinks before heading out to the Happy Greek for dinner. A huge thanks to the Zenoss guys for dinner, and I will work on getting everything packaged up for you guys here shortly. After dinner we headed over to Barley for the pre-party, and wow that was crazy. That night I think most of us said “NO MORE JAGER BOMBS!” however when we left to go out clubbing, we had even more.

Columbus totally rocked! The Frog Bear and Wild Boar totally rocked on Friday and Saturday night. Friday night we did more club like dancing outside and witnessed stuff no human being ever should! We went inside and listened to a decent band. Saturday night we went back for more and totally formed a mosh pit to a pretty good metal band. My head and neck still hurt from all of that head banging.

OLF, what can I say. I talked to a bunch of great people, hung out at some great booths (Fedora, Ubuntu, and Foresight), poked fun at Ken VanDine by writing “Konary” on his Conary and rBuilder BoF whiteboard ๐Ÿ™‚

The talks were great. Daniel T. Chen, known as crimsun the audio god to many, blew many of our minds with his audio talk. Never again will I abuse Daniel with audio problems, because if his talk gave me a head ache with all of that info, I can only imagine what his head feels like. Then there was Jono’s talk. What can I say, it was insanely good as always, and even a tad bit humerous.

It was a blast and I will definitely be back next year! Oh, and by the way, for those of you who witnessed the so-called “Dance Off”, I was totally cheated by a naked fat man!!! Kubuntu won that dance off, I don’t care what anyone says!!! Kevin, I will get even with you soon!

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