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Kubuntu Intrepid and KDE 4

Well, I accidentally nuked my partitions last night so I decided the hell with it and install Kubuntu Intrepid. Due to my super busy schedule with my job and what not, I haven’t really followed the development of Kubuntu, nor KDE 4, in a few months. I apologize to the people who filed bugs that I didn’t get around to, but I should be easing my way back into things for Jaunty and hopefully getting out to FOSSCamp and UDS in a couple of months.

Well, my first though of Intrepid, argh!!!! Ya, after installing I would enter my first encrypted partition password and then the screen would go insane. Then I politely asked on IRC, “OMGWTFBBQ!!! THIS SUCKS, YOU BROKE MY COMPUTER!!!!” Luckily my buddy Scott was there to simmer me down and provide me with the fix (boot into recovery mode and then select xfix). YAY!

So now, I am logged in and the first thing I notice…Adept notifiers everywhere! That will get fixed here shortly, but I was actually impressed with the new look of the Adept notifier and Adept Updater. Good job on those of you who worked on that! After some tweaking and what not, I was up and running the way I like. KDE 4 has come a long way and it is so impressive to see the amount of work the community has pumped out in such short time. So KDE peeps, if you go to FOSSCamp, I will buy you a drink of your choice!

On that note, I just want to let the KDE and Kubuntu communities know that I am coming back! I was busy the past few months with work and personal life (got into cycling hardcore). So if you are expecting an email from me, a bug fix, or a vote on an application, you should be hearing from me in the coming weeks. Thanks again to the entire KDE and Kubuntu communities for all of your hard work and dedication!

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  • annma

    It’ll be nice to have you back! I am also busy with real life until beginning of November then I hope to be able to dedicate some time to KDE.
    Looking forward working with you again and wishing you the best!

  • Robbie

    Encryption not working, adept notifiers everywhere… Hey man, Intrepid just went beta, not google’s “beta”, but Beta. At this point in its release cycle, its a testament to the software that it boots well. When you live on the bleeding edge, you are liable to get cut.
    I’m sure that RC will be solid and the final release will be wonderful.

  • Rudd-O

    You accidentally the partitions in your disk? Not the whole partitions, right???

  • @annma: ditto! here’s to November 🙂

    @Robbie: haha, not Google’s Beta, that was good.

    @Rudd-O: The whole partitions. I wasn’t paying attention. No biggy, I needed the cleaning and luckily my entire ~/ is svn’d anyways, so I am good. I didn’t lose one thing in the mess 🙂

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