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Kubuntu Forums and support

After talking to a few people in #kubuntu on IRC (server: / port: 8001), it seems that the Kubuntu Forums are somewhat of a little known secret even though they are frequented by so many. Strictly a Kubuntu support forum, it is rare that any question goes unanswered as most are answered very quickly. […]

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New Laptop

Finally broke down and bought a fairly inexpensive laptop tonight. I purchased the Compaq Presario C304NR. Celeron M 420, 512MB DDR2 PC4200, 80GB SATA Drive, 15.4″ widescreen with brightview, i950 video (YAY no crappy binary blobs here), and much more. Notice I left out the WiFi part, it is a Broadcom 4311 which only works […]

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The Edgy Release Blues

I woke up this morning, My eyes were bloodshot red, I had the brain pain, With a deep pounding in my head, So I opened up my email, And I read all the news, My day is much better, Even with the Edgy Release Blues! Ubuntu! Kubuntu! Edubuntu! Xubuntu!  Download them while they are hot!

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