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Review: STM Alley Laptop Bag

Disclaimer Here is a personal, unbiased, and opinionated review of the STM Alley Medium Shoulder Bag 15″ – Carbon from GearZap. I am in no way affiliated with GearZap. GearZap has not provided monetary support for this review or any advertisements, other than providing a free sample of the STM Alley laptop bag. Acceptance of […]

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Impressions of the latest MeeGo release

So, I have been spending some time playing around with various netbook operating systems lately, trying to find that perfect one. A little bit of a background first. Last month I finally switched from a Blackberry phone to an Android phone, so for the past month I have spent quite a bit of time playing […]

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Gimp Liquification

After reading Jorge’s blog post titled Amazing open source image resizing technology, I decided to download and install the new plugin into Gimp and give it a try. The outcome, not to shabby, but not even close to great at the same time. Take a look at the before and after images below: Before After […]

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