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Gimp Liquification

After reading Jorge’s blog post titled Amazing open source image resizing technology, I decided to download and install the new plugin into Gimp and give it a try. The outcome, not to shabby, but not even close to great at the same time. Take a look at the before and after images below:


before liquidizing


after liquidizing

The things that stick out graphically after using the liquid plugin is the set of weights in the background, one is considerably smaller than the other. The other thing is look at the collar the dog is wearing, looks like he chewed it up. Yet, the dogs head looks fine visually. Another downside, a 1600×1200 jpg file before using the plugin, is 484k in size. After using the liquid plugin and knocking it down to 1024×768, the size almost doubled to 836k.

Still pretty cool, and I am sure after further tweaking and playing around it will get better. One thing to note, is that I haven’t played with all of the available settings when using the plugin either. The main reason for this plugin from the previous videos I had seen, was say you want to keep the width at 1600, but wanted to shrink the height to 768, this plugin would allow you to do it without skewing the image to bad. Which that impressed me, however the increase in size was a little bad. I want to see some cool panoramic images of the ocean, or mountains, or rolling hills and see what the outcome is.

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  • well you picked a close up picture and i’m not sure it is the best for this technology (maybe the worst).

    it has some weakness for sure but for large views it is simply stunning
    It may change our perception of pictures

  • ya, I grabbed the only picture I had on my laptop. I want to go out and take some photos today of Chicago maybe and give it a whirl. It is still pretty slick even though of the little spots here and there with a close up. Like you said, I am sure the close up was probably the worst.

  • I don’t think it’s related to the picture being close up or a view of scenery. Either inorganic shapes like circles get distorted, or it’s related to how the dog and the floor look sort of similar (in shade and in colour.)

    It’s still a really interesting scaling algorithm though.

  • Cool; I wanted to test this too, and manged to repackage some of the Debianization attempts that had been done earlier. The resulting package is in my PPA now:

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