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Get In Where You Fit In

I forget where that title name comes from, but I think it suits my current mood and post. Over the past few months I have been rather quiet around here due to various reasons. Plain and simple, I was shit on months back and I haven’t overcome the hurt I received from this. I was […]

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Apt URL Part Two

OK, so after going through comments on my previous post about Apt URL it has become obvious to me. Apt URL is a band aid more than it is a way for people to easily distribute software. Is this a bad thing? No, not in my personal opinion. It seems the main arguments I received […]

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My thoughts about Apt URL

Everything you need comes on one CD Ubuntu is designed with security in mind Both of the above lines were taken from the What is Ubuntu? page on the Ubuntu website. If this is still true, then we don’t need Apt URL do we? If it isn’t true, and we do in fact need something […]

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