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Ubuntu wiki editing made easy

If you spend a lot of time editing wiki pages from within your browser, do I have some good news for you! The good news? It is called editmoin. Editmoin is a simple application, available in the repositories, that allows you to edit any MoinMoin wiki page from within your default text editor.

Setup took me a few minutes to finally get correct, but after dabbling for a few minutes, I got it down. What you will need is the MOIN_ID cookie which you can grab by viewing the cookies from within your browser. The line you are interested in is the Content section. For example, for, you may see content that looks similar to 1a2b3CdEFG4hIJ/5klMnoPQrsTuVWxyzabCdefgH6iJk. Once you have this, you create a file named .moin_ids in your home directory, and then add the following information: 1a2b3CdEFG4hIJ/5klMnoPQrsTuVWxyzabCdefgH6iJk

Once you have done that and saved it, at the command line type the following:

foo@bar:~$ editmoin

That will open up the page for your editing delight! This is much faster than editing pages with a browser, at least it is for me, and I am sure many of you will feel the same.

Once you have that setup, read over the editmoin documentation for some other customizations such as vi syntax highlighting and aliases. For syntax highlighting you will need 2 extra files:

Hope I covered the necessities here, if not, add them to the comments. Thanks!

EDIT: If you do not see MOIN_ID, that means you need to log into the wiki first.

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