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Unofficial Official Results for KDE 4

A lot of people seem to be upset by the recent news of Kubuntu supporting both KDE 3 and KDE 4, however dropping the LTS moniker that people have come to love. Well I decided to unofficially show the stats about KDE 3 and KDE 4 that were not used. These results would be official because they are generated by Google, a company we can all trust and all live, right?

Google: “KDE 4 rocks” – Results: 1,980,000 Pages
Google: “KDE 4 sucks” – Results: 289,000 Pages

So obviously according to Google, KDE 4 rocks, it doesn’t suck!

Google: “KDE 3 rocks” – Results: 228,000 Pages
Google: “KDE 3 sucks” – Results: 283,000 Pages

Obviously these results show a bug with Google’s process, so ignore these results, but the KDE 4 results are still good, no bugs there. By the way, KDE 3 rocks! Google sucks!

Google: “Kubuntu rocks” – Results: 491,000 Pages
Google: “Kubuntu sucks” – Results: 93,400 Pages

These results are solid, however I am not happy with them, possibly by generating multiple control sets for my tests to cover all of the spelling errors people have created when referring to Kubuntu (ie. kubnutu, kubunut, kooboontoo).

Google: “Kubuntu should go KDE 4” – Results: 602,000 Pages
Google: “Kubuntu should stay KDE 3” – Results: 79,500 Pages

So did the Technical Board make a wise decision to concentrate on KDE 4? Google seems to think so. However, the Kubuntu team has decided we will offer both KDE 3 and KDE 4. KDE 3 will be the same quality as before, even better this go-round with added features, bug fixes, and new artwork (once again). KDE 4, well that is a new mountain we face, and I know quite a few of us are already on our way up that mountain.

If you are finishing up your PhD thesis, I highly recommend you use Google to do all of your tests, NASA does, the CIA does, and Santa Claus does!

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  • One could argue that KDE4 has more “rocks” than “sucks” because it’s not yet available for consumption by the masses. The people trying KDE4 are mostly people who are predisposed to be in favor of it. I expect the numbers to approach the numbers for KDE3 within a year of release, just because the fanfare hits at the beginning, and the grumbling continues forever…

    I think if you go with “KDE 3.5 rocks/sucks” or “KDE 3.4 rocks/sucks”, Google will give more favorable numbers, too. I didn’t really start loving KDE until 3.3 or 3.4

  • Todd
  • oh damn, I totally forgot about Google trends, it will make my excellent report even more excellent ๐Ÿ™‚

    and go figure, they have a naughty and nice graph ๐Ÿ™‚ Good work Todd, great investigative instinct there ๐Ÿ™‚

  • werd.

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  • I am extremely frustrated with kde 4.0… feels like I am on an iphone, among other complaints

  • n/a

    actually if u THINK about the google results, half are Pages Indexed Twice, Many Non-Relevant to KDE, etc.. and so forth. Just by using the $’s alone is quiite stupid… Also Google is not trustworthy at all.

  • Praveen

    I am disappointed by KDE4. lots of features of KDE 3 are absent. No freedom to control or change many settings. It’s looks are good, But we need more than just look. More windows users are using the linux nowadays, I assume that caused the release of lame KDE4.
    I liked the freedom and options that were available in KDE3. Now I feel like someone tied my hands in KDE4, I am no longer able to change or control many things.
    Now using the simple looking Gnome, because no choice. I agree KDE4 looks good, But restricted.
    Please bring back the freedom that we were enjoying.

  • blackbelt_jones

    October 15 2009

    “KDE4 sucks” about 483,000 pages
    “KDE4 rocks” about 464,000 pages

  • Ropponigi

    “I used to be a KDE user. I thought KDE 4.0 was such a disaster, I switched to GNOME.”
    In Linus’ world, KDE sucks 1, KDE rocks 0.

  • Kirby

    KDE 4 sucks. As a loyal KDE user since 2002 I kept trying each new release of 4. I thought that maybe it would get better some day.

    I just tried out KDE 4.3.4. It still sucks. It’s like Gnome more than KDE now. It is not intuitive, its bloated, and well, it just plain sucks.

    It would have been nice it they had kept the 3.5 base and added the eye candy. And Dolphin sucks too. Still like Konqueror much better.

    So what that it looks pretty. Kind of like a high maintenance girlfriend. Nice to look at but sucks to be with.

    I really don’t give a hoot what kind of results Google shows.

    I’ll be sticking with 3.5 for a long time to come.

    There is always XFCE and LXDE to consider too.

  • jimmyb

    I’m sorry but just because a majority of google results say that KDE 4 rocks does not mean it does.
    I’m a Slackware user and have been since version 7.1 this mess is now included in version 13.1 of Slackware. I’m going to compile and test out 3.5 for it now since Patrick won’t. I have resisted the kde4 series for some time now. Glad I did. It’s a steaming pile of fecal matter. Darn near completely unusable.

    I have been using kde now since about version 1.1 so I have been using KDE for a very long time.
    Each and every major version change of KDE has brought with it some concerns that have eventually been ironed out but this time the developers of KDE jumped the shark. I’m all for refinement of a good idea so this throw out everything and reinvent the wheel to me is just plain stupid. It’s been 3 years since they started this mess and I have not seen any usability improvement. Sure it’s pretty but pretty does not equate to usable.

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