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Why InfoWorld (Still) Sucks – Part 1: Editor(s)

haha, I had to do it. He is still at it, and his latest one is worse than the rest. It is more of an attack towards all applications for Linux, however the editor throws Ubuntu in it as if it is our fault. However, I think the best reading is the comments. I swear, some of them I can picture the commentor actually crying as they type the post. And you can tell who is either an American or one of the LUGRadio guys in disguise with all of the F words being thrown around. Here are just a couple snippets of my favorites quotes:

Holy Crap! I thought you were joking. This guy really is on the Microsoft payroll!

Randall C. Kennedy is the Director of Research for Competitive Systems Analysis and Contributing Editor to the InfoWorld Test Center. A 20 year IT veteran (his client list includes Intel, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard and IBM), he specializes in enterprise desktop computing technologies and issues.

You’d think that this would make me madder, but it really makes the whole thing seem kind of chickenshit and inconsequential. No IT newsite that has any pretense to being reputable would allow a microsoft employee to do a four part hatchet job on Ubuntu. You’re throwing away any chance you ever had at credibility for a few cheap hits based on a manufactured controversy, you poor bastards.

Infoworld will be a good name for this site when it becomes one of those sad little search portals.



Nearly there in your 5-piece series. Have to say that I am enjoying them immensely.

I am fiercely opposed to the death-penalty, and was saddened to read about the prisoner executed in Texas yesterday because…

…”his lawyers had suffered a computer breakdown and were unable to file the appeal within regular working hours, and had begged Judge Keller for more time. Ms Keller refused.” [Guardian Online, 25 Oct 2007]

Normally when Windows crashes at work (3 or 4 times today – which is more than usual) it is not serious. At home so far not managed to crash Ubuntu 7.04 or 7.10.

Classic! You know what I have come to learn, we Linux people are pretty damn passionate, witty as all hell, and down right hilarious at times. If you want to read the post, it is HERE.

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  • Alex

    You might like to check this out.. looks like Randall’s taken us for a ride. I quite like the ending actually, I think it’s a lesson a lot of the community need to watch out for.

  • blackbelt_jones

    I do not like the ending. Are people who read IT websites not supposed to care about IT? This is adding injury to insult.

  • @ Alex: I think we all knew what was coming, actually if you look at either the 2nd or 3rd one, quite a few people were calling it.

    @ blackbelt_jones: I am with you. Plus you had some of the greatest comments on the posts. Constantly had me laughing.

    No matter how the ending happened, Randall and InfoWorld are the ones who need to grow up, or “mature” as Randall put it in the last post. That was something a kid does, string you along with lies for a couple of days and then says “haha I was just joking.” The only thing InfoWorld did was succeed in their hits, but guess what? all of the Linux people who commented probably had their AdBlockers running and more than likely didn’t click on one advertisement. Last I checked, it isn’t the hits that count, unless of course you are trying to sell more advertisement, which they very well could, but it is the clicks that count.

    I don’t think what he started will hurt the community, because you know what, everyone stood up to the tyrant calling him out. Imagine if we all just laid down and took the abuse, especially coming from a Microsoft person, we would have been labeled either lame or weak. Oh well, that’s the way the cookie crumbles. He tried to bruise us, and I still don’t believe him yet. At least at the end he admitted by saying he is finally going to install Ubuntu. I wonder how long before he starts a “Windows Vista (Still) Sucks” post, we know an OS X post is coming.

  • TG

    Thanks for bringing this series to my attention, I left some comments on the board for the Compiz and Application-bashing articles.

    You should read the epilogue, he claims to have exposed us all as aggressive fanbois living in our parents’ basement.

    He is getting dragged through the thorn bushes by the readers, even on his last article. I love the comments on that one much better than all the others. His social experiment and the plot twist at the end is nothing but a continuation of his slander against the Ubuntu community.

    He hasn’t redeemed himself in my eyes, he’s just dug himself deeper into his hole.

    Hopefully my two comments on the last article will have cleared the filter soon.

  • Well after his Compiz one, I had to really sit down and check Compiz out. I will be the first to tell you I could care less about the eye candy. But after using Compiz, not only is it the sweetest eye candy I have seen, but it can be very functional. Granted I would have to change the way I am used to with shortcuts, but having the added functionality, as well as the beauty is a good thing.

    We were a little aggressive, I will give him that. But anyone who is passionate about something and has a deep love and appreciate for something, and then someone comes through and bashes the hell out of it, will cause almost anyone to get a little aggressive only because it really irritates them. I don’t use Ubuntu, and I don’t prefer Gnome, however the way he did his FUD slinging, joke or no joke, is what irritated me the most.

    I just don’t get how someone can post garbage like that, even if it was planned to do it the way it was, which I am sure it was. It is so unprofessional, and I will admit I have bashed stuff in the paste (ie. Microsoft), and after I did it, I felt bad because I through all of the professionalism I had out the window.

    Ya, I don’t think he could redeem himself. Even reversing it and bashing Windows wouldn’t do it for me. You know, the first time I read his Part 1, I knew it had to be a joke. Who in their right minds compares Explorers really stupid stacking feature anyways? That stacking feature is annoying.

    I will go through the last article and look for your comments. There were some really great comments. Granted quite a few of us were really upset, but there were quite a few people who also stayed level headed, which I wish I could do all of the time. Thanks for the heads up and the comment TG!

  • I read the series this week as well, and I thought I couldn’t respect him any less by the time I got to the fourth article. When he posted the fifth and final one I found myself thinking there surely would have been a better way to slap down the members of the community who have to flame, swear, and act like they’re age is actually less than their shoe size. It would have been better if he had actually written a series of well researched articles and actually called out the jerks instead of this childish game. I’m seriously considering adding the entire InfoWorld site to my AdBlock Plus simply to remind me that I have some serious issues with people there from the editor on down. The fact that the editor green-lighted the series and let it get published bothers me more than I care to say.

  • @ J.M.: I am with you on that one, to an extent. They really weren’t articles, but blog posts. So that is the only way that I can not blame InfoWorld 100%, but they do get a great portion of the blame. I know if you were to do something like that on a blog that gets aggregated on a major site, such as Ubuntu Planet, KDE Planet, Gnome Planet, and such, you would more than likely lose your rights to have your blog aggregated on one of the planets.

    There is no doubt the guy is a genious when it comes to writing style, but he is not a genious when it comes to doing his research. As many of the commentors pointed out that not only his premise was flawed from the get go, but so was his thesis. His logic provided nothing intelligent, except for the fact the Linux community is very passionate and at times very strong when backed into a corner, as he did with his writings.

    I actually still get the InfoWorld magazine, even after I told them to stop sending it to me. All I see are major Microsoft advertisements (full-page or more), and not one Linux advertisement. This last issue though did have a Linux article in it, and for some reason, the Tux on the cover looked pissed, but I would too if they wrote about me the way they do 🙂

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