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What happened to the days of super smart hackers, writing code to infiltrate your libraries, overflow your buffers, and hijack your sessions? Remember hackers using nothing more than tty1-6, no need for a GUI?

Well that has all changed…Welcome Microsoft Windows Vista!

MICROSOFT plans to patch a security hole in Windows related to an animated cursor that hackers have used to launch attacks after users click on links to malicious web sites.

I checked the date, and it is from April 3rd, so it isn’t a fool’s joke that I can see. Can you believe that? It is stupid security flaws like this that should have millions running in droves to get away from the bs they are put through from Microsoft. Vista users, please come and join us here at Ubuntu, where your presence is not only welcomed, but also commended.

I got this funny little tidbit from HERE.

On a side note, if you are a Windows user and have my contact information in your Outlook or Outlook Express, please remove me by Sunday or get a free and open source email solution if you must stick with Microsoft.

It said most of the activity around the so-called ANI exploit has been via dozens of malicious websites but warned that on Sunday the first internet worm, able to replicate without the user doing anything to the machine, was found using the flaw to spread.

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  • Concerned

    Mr. Johnson, I can’t help but notice that you seem to enjoy mocking anything that is MS related. Please show some respect to competition by showing benefits of what you advocate instead of making fun all the time. It is quite disturbing especially for someone who pretty much represents the project in a way by having yourself aggregated to Planet. It is also not reflective of what you signed in the Code of Conduct of being considerate and being respectful.

    I would rather have myself post anonymously so as not to start any possible flamewars or blogwars of sorts.

  • I am sorry if you feel that way, but in this case they needed to be poked fun of this time around, yet again. No need to post anonymously as you won’t get flamewars or blogwars here at all, I respect your opinions and comments, and I wholeheartedly believe in free speech. I woke up this morning to that story in my akregator, so I decided to share it. How it goes against he CoC I will never know, as I know I am not the only one.

    Now if the CoC says I have to respect Microsoft, then I am out of here. I will not ever respect Microsoft post-Ballmer. I respect what Microsoft has done for the industry in the 80’s and 90’s, but what they are about now, never. Like I said, if the Code of Conduct states that I have to respect Microsoft or be considerate of Microsoft, then I am gone. Take a look at Bug #1, not a lot of consideration nor respect towards Microsoft.

    And do I enjoy mocking anything MS related, NO. Just the stupid BS like the post I did today. If you want to see benefits of what I advocate, I give a ton of talks here in the midwest (Chicago land area mostly), of all are concerning Free and Open Source Software, and when time permits and people want to listen, they get plenty of Ubuntu 🙂

  • Albinodrew


    I believe this could be of interest to your other readers, as a complement of information. Steve Gibson just publish a special Netcast on exactly that subject.
    You can find it at under Security Now,

    it’s Security Now Special Edition: The Animated Cursor Vulnerability

    And well. Microsoft do bash Linux a lot.

  • Albinodrew, ROCK ON! I will watch that when I get home. See, I would be bashing Windows if all I did was come on say Microsoft sucks, blah blah blah, but no, what I did was point out that yet another “stupid” exploit has made its way into Vista. Yet another covering the Voice Recognition exploit a month or so back.

    My goal is not to make the Windows user feel stupid, but let them see just how stupid and silly Microsoft really is. See, I started this Linux adventure sometime in 1994 while in the military (had super fast internet, so I could download and burn as needed), now if I was to still hold the mentality I had back then about Microsoft and Apple, I would be all over the good ol’ STFU NOOB! RTFM!

    OK, here goes the cat out of the bag, I worked for that stupid company within the past couple of years, and just so you know, they think all of their users are stupid, that is why it has become so dumbed down in their camp. Granted they are hitting the young and the old who are new to technology, but they are forgetting about all of their power users. Vista doesn’t have a “power user” persay, now it has either beginners or gamers. That is it, no user control whatsoever, it is all system control. Microsoft makes the users do what Microsoft wants, and the silly manufacturers feed right into it as well. I know it is impossible for everyone to have the wool over their eyes (manufacturers), as they are being controlled and manipulated by Microsoft was well, but I guess they really have to in order to meet their bottom lines, cover their overhead, and send their employees on lavish all-expenses paid vacations to anywhere in the world they want to go.

  • Hahaha this tops the vulnerability list for this month…How cursors become launchpad for attacks is something that is strangely amusing for me.

  • Jonas

    It is stupid security flaws like this that should have millions running in droves to get away from the bs they are put through from Microsoft. Vista users, please come and join us here at Ubuntu, where your presence is not only welcomed, but also commended.

    Here is one! Well, okay, it wasn’t that particular bug that made me ditch MS for good but Vista was. The instability and too many annoyances (minor and major), well let’s just say that MS got in the way of what I wanted to use the computer for one time too many.

    I’ve used Linux in the past (a few years ago though), and at that time I thought it was a great server-OS that wasn’t ready for the desktop. That has changed big-time (for instance, Kubuntu recognizes more of my hardware out-of-the-box than either XP or Vista, not to mention has sensible defaults for everything and all of the most important software available straight away).

    For most users (not counting the hard-core gamers), there isn’t really much that absolutely requires Windows. For some specialist usage it may be (I have one piece of linguistic software available only for Windows that I need, but since it runs fine under wine that’s what I’ll do).

    It’s still early days for my own Linux-only computer-use but I don’t see myself going back.

  • erich

    You realize it was fixed already almost 6 hours ago and there won’t be any mass of zombies e-mailing you? Microsoft is doing actually pretty darned good job plugging the wholes nowadays.

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