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Yet another…

…Microsoft Funny

What happened to the days of super smart hackers, writing code to infiltrate your libraries, overflow your buffers, and hijack your sessions? Remember hackers using nothing more than tty1-6, no need for a GUI?

Well that has all changed…Welcome Microsoft Windows Vista!

MICROSOFT plans to patch a security hole in Windows related to an animated cursor that hackers have used to launch attacks after users click on links to malicious web sites.

I checked the date, and it is from April 3rd, so it isn’t a fool’s joke that I can see. Can you believe that? It is stupid security flaws like this that should have millions running in droves to get away from the bs they are put through from Microsoft. Vista users, please come and join us here at Ubuntu, where your presence is not only welcomed, but also commended.

I got this funny little tidbit from HERE.

On a side note, if you are a Windows user and have my contact information in your Outlook or Outlook Express, please remove me by Sunday or get a free and open source email solution if you must stick with Microsoft.

It said most of the activity around the so-called ANI exploit has been via dozens of malicious websites but warned that on Sunday the first internet worm, able to replicate without the user doing anything to the machine, was found using the flaw to spread.

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