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Attracting Local Developers

Do any of you (besides the Chicago LUG) run something that attracts local developers? What I mean is, for example, the Chicago LUG has a thing called “Programming Tonight” where developers meet up and hack at a nice quiet location while enjoying some food and drink. If you do have something like that, would you have any suggestions that might intrigue people into wanting to check it out and what not?

I am a businessman and marketer by trade, but I really enjoy development work both as a hobby and a profession and I would like to meet up and hack on free software, no matter the language used.

If you happen to live in the DuPage county area of the Chicago suburbs, drop me a line and let me know if you would be interested in something like this. Maybe we could meet up one night a week for a couple of hours for some food, drink, and hacking, or once every other week. If you think that I just need to find more friends than I have on IRC, then that is fine as well 🙂

On another note, 2 finals complete with 2 finals to go at the uni! Man I can’t wait for Wednesday to be here and be gone!

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  • Eddie M.

    make it on the weekend and I’m down.

    (except for the last weekend. sorry!)

  • I love the idea. I’ve been pondering trying to do something similar here. In the end I decided to start working on a software project and see if I can get some local people to also work on it with me. So it’s a bit more specific. If it works out, it might be fun to do a “bring a project to the meeting” kind of thing.

  • Aaron T.

    As always i can be a coffee bitch, bouncer, chearleader, or whatever. Im down to learn something new…

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