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Stepping Down

I have decided that I am going to step down from all LoCo work including both Ubuntu Illinois and Ubuntu Chicago. The Ubuntu Illinois team is ran by Michael Stemle Jr. (manchicken) and the Ubuntu Chicago team is now ran by Eddie Martinez (posingaspopular) with the help of Jim Campbell (j1mc) hopefully. All 3 of these individuals are great people and community members and I know both of the LoCo teams are in great hands.

If you noticed me pull out of a few locations on Launchpad and IRC channels this evening that doesn’t mean I am leaving here totally. I am now going to dedicate 100% of my time to development for Kubuntu, Debian, Foresight, and KDE and will go back to advocating Linux in general with an emphasis on Kubuntu, Debian, and Foresight.

I had a great time over the past 2 years doing all types of LoCo stuff and I thank everyone who has helped along the way, especially Joey Stanford as it was him and I who decided to take the LoCo stuff by the horns in the beginning of 2006 and go official with it. Thanks Joey!

So with that said, lets get back to hacking!

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