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Gutsy Printing Question

OK, for those of you using Gutsy, have you experienced any printing issues lately? I have an HP PSC 1600 multi-functional printer. Previous to Gutsy, I printed to it without any issues at all. I was amazed at how well it worked. Lately I have noticed that it doesn’t respect margins all to well, and depending on which app I print from, it either:

  • works as it should
  • works but looks really bad, like printing outside the margins, cutting off text and so forth
  • no printing at all, constantly causing the printer to jam, slamming of the print cartridges and so forth (I mean slamming to the point where I can hear it downstairs, whereas the printer is upstairs in a closed office)

Printing from Windows works as it should. I have also noticed these problems while on campus as well. There are a mix of HP printers to choose from in each classroom, however my printouts always look like garbage. Massive cutting off at the margins is what is happening at school now. Note I am using Kubuntu, so if you are experiencing this on Ubuntu, Xubuntu, or Edubuntu as well, please let me know I am not the only one. Next time I am on campus, I can going to take a couple of live CDs with me and test from them. Thanks all!

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  • jason

    i print to hp laserjet 4300n and 3300mfp pritners and haven’t had problems after the upgrade to gutsy.

  • Cannon pixma mp210 sometimes prints words… sometimes spits out blank pages… the 210 was not recognized and i had to choose a completely different model..
    works fine in windows.

  • Jason Crow

    I have been having problems printing large PDF’s since the last few updates. Both in Evince and Acroread. I had a deskjet 3660 and a laserjet 1018 I just added. I don’t think it is a Gusty thing.

  • I’ve had a couple of problems with my HP PSC 1510. If I print from KWord or OOo Writer, it will continue to print beyond the end of the physical page, even when the bottom margin is set to 22cm. Works fine in Feisty and Edgy, though.

  • wyth

    No problems on my end with a Brother HL-2070N at home, and a HP Laserjet-2200 at work (old printer). Detects and works quite nicely.

    Could it be an issue Gutsy has with HP some printers?

  • I haven’t had any issues with my HP 1100, or HP 4600 or Cannon IR5200. These all use the HPIJS driver without issue.

  • My HP 3200 all-in-one has been great, before and after the Gutsy upgrade. Works flawlessly in Linux, won’t scan to a computer in Windows.

  • It would definitely be an issue with Gutsy, as it just started with Gutsy. I know it worked during the dev cycle flawlessly. Some of the printers that people say work for them, are some that work for me, but have issues at times.

    @Shawn S: your issue is one that I have as well. It worked fine with previous releases.

  • Jon Cooper

    My Brother multifunction (DCP-560CN) works perfectly over the network with Gutsy. Maybe that’s because Brother do such a good job with a) their devices and b) their cross platform drivers.

    I cannot recommend Brother devices more – whenever I get asked, I always find a Brother printer/mfd that fits someone’s bill.

  • Mike

    I’ve also noticed a problem with printing after the gutsy upgrade.
    I use the brightq codehost-config from canon and it worked great
    until the gutsy upgrade. Now I can’t get anything to print.

  • Mike

    Turns out it was apparmor that was added into the Gutsy version.
    Try doing the following:

    ln -s /etc/apparmor.d/usr.sbin.cups /etc/apparmor.d/disable/

    /etc/init.d/apparmor restart

    This will disable the apparmor profile for cups

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